H, Heh, ה


       Heh, ה, transcribed as 'H,' numeration 5, means 'window.' The numeration of the whole letter-name הה is 10, and spelled out in plenitude, הה הה, HH HH equals 20. Qabalists assign HEH to the Emperor Tarot Key and on the Tree of Life to the fifteenth path connecting Chokmah (Universal Self-consciousness) with Tiphareth (Ego-consciousness). Since Chokmah is the seat of Living Wisdom and Tiphareth the seat of Imagination, this path is titled שכל מעמיד, Sakel Momid, the 'Constituting Intelligence' in the Sepher Yetzirah. Dr. W.W. Westcott comments on this path: "It constitutes (establishes law) the substance of creations in pure darkness." The 'substance of creations' is Ain Suph Aur, the Living, Liquid, Black Light of Darkness that establishes the seed-thoughts of all forms past, present and future. The Emperor and HEH are equated with Aries and Vision (inner and outer).


       Inner vision (imagination) is the sight-power of the creative Life-Force seated in Chokmah. It is the True Imagination of the Creative Principle that brings down the Life-Force into physical manifestation, constituting or framing Fiery Sulphur in the physical world. The imagination of the True Alchemist is the vision of AB, the Father, and cannot fail. The vision is the instantaneous manifestation of whatever is imagined. Chokmah is AB, the Father, while Tiphareth is Ben, the Son. The conjunction of these two is Ab-Ben (ahben) 'the Stone,' the Living Philosophers’ Stone. When a student alchemist has purged the lower self of all destructive and separative habits, that one is rewarded with union to the Divine Solar Ego, the Sun, who in turn is already at one with AB, the Father. The True Alchemist then becomes The Living Stone.


       The numbers in HEH hold the key. Numbers 10 and 20 each hint to Hebrew letter יוד, Yod, 'hand,' to the Hermit Tarot Key, and to the Virgin's Milk, of which single letter YUD is symbolic. Ten is the number of YUD, and 20 is that letter-name spelled out. Even the character of the Hebrew letter HEH is comprised of a YUD with the letter DALETH. As YUD is chyle, the Virgin's Milk, and letter DALETH alone is symbolic of the powers of imagination and the Empress Tarot Key, the two combined hold the secret by which we become adepts. This is the ultimate outcome of true inner and outer vision.


       In no wise can the imagination of anyone still in the separative state force Universal Magnesia to adhere to matrices of imagery. This is the false teaching of much doctrine in this New Age philosophy currently so popular. The Universal One Substance will not succumb to those who would use the Divine Subconscious Essence to further personal gain or continue to utilize selfish powers over others. Only those who have reached the level of 'Transparent Intelligence,' and have attained the Vision of the Christ Consciousness seated in Tiphareth have any of the One Substance at their command. To those so graced their Vision is a Voice.

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