Hen's Egg


       Under GLASS VESSEL in this site, a quotation is presented from Bacon’s The Root of the World wherein he compares a Hen's Egg with the Philosophers’ Stone. In conjunction with that, offered here is another quotation from Splendor Solis by Solomon Trismosin. In the Third Treatise, fifth parable we read:

"So let us understand this meaning better. The Philosophers take for example an Egg, for in this the four elements are joined together. The first or the shell is Earth, and the White is Water, but the skin between the shell and the White is Air, and separates the Earth from the Water; the Yolk is Fire. In the middle of the Yolk there is the Fifth Element, out of which the young chicken bursts and grows."1


       When the Hen's Egg is compared to the human body surrounded by the human aura, we have a perfect example of how the Stone of the Philosophers is produced. The Philosophic Egg or Glass Vessel is the Human Aura. The Aura is the True Human, an oval, egg-shaped body of Light. The subtle electric energy surrounds the physical body as an eggshell encases the yolk and white. The physical body is the Yolk of the Philosophic Egg. The space between the body-yolk and the limits of the aura is considered the White Liquor, wherein play the mixture of Mercury, Sulphur and Salt; all that is needed to feed the Yolk.


       In this field is a play of colors, the Tincture within the aura, which can be seen by those possessed with some measure of clairvoyance. Inside the body-yolk is the Fire-Life, and within that lay the Secret Fire, the Virgin Seed of Sulphur, and the Quintessence that gives birth to the Phoenix Rising. As the gentle steady heat of the hen stimulates the co-mixture of all the other parts, a healthy chick is produced within the egg. Likewise, the body of the aspiring alchemist, if healthy through the co-mixture of four elements (air, food, water and light), the Quintessential Seed of Sulphur within the Heart grows into a new creature. Other Hebrew schools of Kabbalah might name this auric oval surrounding the physical and astral bodies כלי, kli, the 'vessel,' basically. We bring the Seed out through the combined action of Mercury, Sulphur and Salt within the aura. This is accomplished only by the gentle, steady heat of our Desire for union. Our Desire takes form in sensible, nourishing diet, constant study, meditations, moral thoughts and actions, and ardent prayer. The One-Life will do all the rest. When the fiber-like threads of light inside the oval aura match up with the luminous substance outside we will have attained perception. The Egg hatches the regenerated human into a member of the fifth, spiritual kingdom, and fourth dimensional awareness. For cross reference see GLASS VESSEL, HUMIDITY and GLUTEN OF THE EAGLE.

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1 Trismosin, Solomon, Splendor Solis. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., LTD. Reprinted by Yogi Publication Society, no date, pg. 32.