Hidden Qabalah


       Heretofore all the suggested methods described are, or ought to be, designed for the ardent and reverent seeker persevering to become worthy enough to receive and to accept the unimaginable Life, Light and Love discovered within the Hidden Qabalah. This is the ultimate purpose, goal and result of the other three categories. What comes out of the intuitive fourth dimensional awareness and contact with higher, finer vibratory existence and intelligence is rooted from an inner causal realm. Everything in this physical world is an effect, in one form or another, of the emanations pouring forth from that Causeless Causal Source. If we are yet steeped in ‘personal’ motivations and aspirations from our separative sense of self-consciousness, ego and personality life then we are very far from ever enjoying the re-Union which cannot possibly be put into words.

       In turn IT wants all that we are. Or were. IT calls for the ultimate surrender of all that we thought we wanted for our selfish selves, or thought we wanted for others under the same selfish disguise. The ash, the residuum, the utter nothingness, Caput Mortuum.

       When THAT WHICH IS WITHIN comes, The Phoenix, if it comes, there will be nothing in it for our petty, lower, separative selves. In truth, that lower separative self will no longer exist. All those things and places that have promoted the pseudo inflation of “ME over everything and everyone else,” and any of the personalities along that way who have encouraged that direction for us, will slowly be separated from us; evaporated and swallowed up by their own insignificance. All past selfish dreams, endeavors, interests in the superficial, petty, greedy affairs of mass consciousness that bring on pseudo happiness and unnecessary pains will be seen and realized as the delusion it has always been. We will no longer be least interested in anything for our mere selves. As we grow with our Qabalistic pursuits we eventually become indifferent to what was once interesting and exciting in our former lives. We will want nothing more to do with any of it save for THAT WHICH IS WITHIN wishes for us.

       There is this talk of ‘secrecy’ among aspirants who are affiliated with some temple group or other which might erroneously be considered the Hidden Qabalah. The only prudent reasoning for such secrecy might be to avoid criticism or ridicule from individuals completely devoid any understanding around what it all means. Mainstream mass consciousness always has and will continue to ridicule anything they do not and will not come to understand. So of course, be silent.

       If, however, ‘secrecy’ surrounds ideas or concepts which are deliberately kept from other aspirants on the Path of Return, be it due to perceived ‘levels’ or affiliated ‘memberships,’ the position looms elitist. We are here to serve the needs of others. Withholding information from a genuine query seems entirely selfish, and separative. The querent for any knowledge will either grasp the implications or not. It is not we who can judge another person’s worthiness. If a seeker has enough knowledge to formulate an intelligent question then an intelligent answer is deserved. If the intelligent answer is not understood then it remains a ‘secret’ for that individual. We needn’t say it is secret. If the answer to the query is understood then we have performed a great service. It helps us all in the end.

       We can lecture and explain, “YOD is the Crown,” or “Make MERCURY of all your Metals,” or any of a multitude of aphorisms and instructions for hours on end. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” He either gets it, or not. If not, then the secret remains secret to him who is ‘lower’ in the temple hierarchy or ‘outside’ the lodge’s membership entirely. This ‘secrecy’ attitude is from a bygone era of egotistical one-up-manship. They’re all dead now, along with their secrets.

       The Hidden Qabalah is not written down in any book. There are no words for it. If anyone proposes to tell us about Hidden Qabalah they are deceiving us. On the other hand, the Hidden Qabalah will not be kept back from anyone who perseveres. Consider this most poignant quotation from the chapter on the Hierophant in The Tarot: “It is not a capricious gift from on high. It is not miraculous. Rare it might be, but it is perfectly natural, and a human being who addresses himself earnestly to preparing himself for this kind of experience will find what he seeks.” – Paul Foster Case.

       Desirous preparation is that key. The Voice of Intuition will answer. Anyone who has gone through all the above phases concertedly in the quest for enlightenment and reunion with diligence and reverence must, by natural law, receive what was sought.

       Memberships in temples and lodges cannot offer us the Hidden Qabalah. That comes individually, from within. And, much of it will indeed remain a secret in that there will be no words to describe or repeat what has been received. The blessed recipient will go about as before with a renewed mind and a renewed heart to perform what has been instructed. Eliphas Levi speaks of one such: “An Adept is bound by his engagements.” That one will no longer be moved about by separative self-conscious desires or subconscious habits. In his renewed life these two modes of consciousness are united to the Central Super-conscious. Self-consciousness will now take all its instruction from THAT, through the renewed sub-conscious.

       The present stage of human consciousness uses the self-conscious mind to scheme plans and activities to further selfish gains over others. It seeks to control and contrives to make things happen. It cares not for the consequences affecting others since he deems all his actions necessary for survival. And besides, the automaton reasoning is: don’t we all do the same? The present state of human activity in this world shows exactly to what ends this state of mind has brought us all. The Renewed One no longer uses self-consciousness to those ends. It is now employed with acts of attention and observation as a witness, and to perform all tasks given it from within for the good of all concerned regardless the outcome. That outcome is ultimately optimal for all in that the One Self is within all.

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