I, Yod, י


       Yod, י, transcribed as 'I' or 'Y,' numeration 10, means 'hand,' as a hand extended in beneficence. The numeration of the whole letter-name יוד is 20, and spelled out in plenitude, יוד וו דלת, YOD VV DLTh, equals 466. Qabalists assign Yod to the Hermit Tarot Key, and on the Tree of Life to the twentieth path connecting Chesed (Universal Memory) to Tiphareth (the One, Central Ego). The path is called שכל הרצון, Sakel ha-Rawtzone, the 'Intelligence of Will,' which the Hermit Key represents. A.E. Waite says this of the 20th Path: "It prepares all created beings, each individually, for the demonstration of the existence of the primordial glory." The 'preparation,' explained in more detail below, is chyle. Note that Waite says 'individually'. Each must work for and come into his own with this Great Work. There will be no mass acceleration of consciousness. The 'primordial glory' is the inner vision of Ain Suph Aur for the 'prepared' individual.


       Intent (the Intelligence of Will) is sourced from AB, the Father in Chokmah. In human personality it comes from the One-Ego seated in the Heart of Humanity. The 'ignorant,' the alchemists’ label for those of us who have yet to experience the Living First Matter, suppose the lower, reflective energy of will to have its source in the personal self. If our will is so free then why are there so many countless personal failures? Surrendering this lie allows the sincere aspirant to become a channel of the Higher Will, which application knows no bounds or restraint. For the One-Will to flow through a physical body, an organism must maintain a healthy vehicle to hold the intensity of sufficient Light. Qabalists therefore reasoned the astrological sign Virgo, the health sign, to be assigned the Hermit Tarot Key. In the internal, Virgo region of the body, the 'bowels of the earth,' lay the super health elixir, Lac Virginis. Says Ripley in Five Preparations Of The Philosopher's Mercury:

"The first matter of this unclean alchemical body is a viscous water, which is thickened in the bowels of the earth. And therefore of this impure body is made the great elixir of the red and the white, whose name is Adrop, or the philosophers' lead."1


       This is chyle, released into the blood stream with 'the aid of Mercury', The same author makes it blatantly clear in the same work:

"And this thin and subtil oil, being put into kemia its proper vessel, first sealed up, to putrefy in the fire of the first degree, being moist, it becomes as black as liquid pitch."2


       Hebrew letter Yod is shaped like a droplet of this white, milky, oily substance. Chyle is “put into blood its proper vessel.” From these and other secret operations in the Art, the Stone is fashioned. From this letter Yod every other letter of the alphabet is derived and contains its spirit in their essence. Cross reference DISTILLATION.

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