Some alchemists place Incineration as the ninth step in their process for the manufacture of the Philosophers’ Stone. This particular placement is listed in The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall. As such it would then be attributed to the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and would therefore be the chief or key power of Incineration. The Jupiter Chakra in the physical laboratory is the terminus point in the spine behind the navel. The nerve ganglion of the solar plexus area is called the abdominal brain. Hindus call it the Manipura Chakra, its root means 'filled with jewels. 'Jewels' is a reference to the Akashic Records, the warehouse of memory impressions from this life and all former lives, plus the cumulative cellular memories of the history of creation. In this connection the fourteenth Tarot Key titled Art in the Crowley/Harris deck affords some clues. The angelic figure wears a breast plate of jewels formed of the seven chakras, with the Jupiter sphere lowermost over the stomach. Fire and Water, the First Matter, are poured into a cauldron, on the side of which is an emblem of a crow on a skull. The crow-skull symbolizes Caput Mortuum, the Dead Head, and the cauldron represents the subconsciousness of the aspirant. The central figure is the Holy Guardian Angel, the Divine Higher Genius. He is the One-Ego seated in Tiphareth, and the Principal Doer in the Alchemical Process.


       In previous so-called steps of the work, the lower self seeks to purge erroneous, separative habits embedded in the 'personal subconscious,' But there are also negative, separative elements much deeper within us than can be reached from the conscious level. It is these elements that are 'burned' from the inner side as we work from the outer. The Dead Head symbol is the Black Stage within the Glass Vessel. We have consciously done all we can possibly do. It is now up to the Higher Self to crown our endeavors. Through Incineration the abdominal brain is burned clean of inhibiting past-life impressions and the impressions from race consciousness which now turns the Black aura White in preparation for the next, Red phase.


       The position West-Above is assigned to Sagittarius and Incineration on the Cube of Space. This edge joins the face Above, Mercury and the self-conscious mind, with the face West, Jupiter and the abdominal brain. Meditation is the only act we can perform at the conscious level during this process, and to except, understand, and believe what is transpiring. We pray for guidance and turn every detail of our lives over to the Divine Higher Genius with the absolute faith that our desire for union with the One-Life will be realized. It is only through His Grace that this glorious event happens. If our motives are not absolutely pure, we are yet unripe for His Grace. This is perhaps why even if occult and alchemical secrets are revealed against the wishes of so-called secret and elitist groups and societies; the ultimate secret will remain obscure. The unworthy will always remain in the dark despite volumes of information available. Only the One-Life has absolute control over the One-Life. No one can fool The Self. One may think oneself holy, above others, with ranks and degrees, privileged and attuned with all sorts of ascended masters here and there. But unless our motives, actions and thoughts are impeccable in the All Seeing Eye of The Almighty, all such claims, pseudo titles and affiliations with secret groups and masters are pure, unadulterated, superfluous baloney.


       The greatest of the great have always been, and are still, from humble beginnings, untitled, unfettered, unassuming, and usually undereducated within this world’s academia when compared with their contemporaries in any period. Occult schools and societies there are, but unless they teach the laws of nature for the sole purpose of directing their brothers and sisters home toward The One, they are merely selfish clubs upholding an elite, separative snobbery; the blind leading the blind. We may even give away everything we own to the poor in the name of spirit, but if our hearts are not true we end up gawking at the Christ, like the Apostles, when Master Jesus is recorded to have said in Matthew 19:30 and Mark 10:31: “But many who are first will be last; and the last, first.” Being a president, a pope, a king, or exalted in some 'order' in this world means absolutely nothing in the next.

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