Kama Manas


       This is the Vedic term for the Desire Nature or Desire Mind. Research with eastern words and phrases aids our understanding of western alchemical terms. Qabalistically, Kama Manas is equated with Netzach, the sphere of the Venus influence on the Tree of Life, and represents the Venus Center in the spinal column at the level of the throat. Kama Manas is therefore associated with Alchemical Copper, the metal of Venus. Western alchemical traditions teach us to ‘purify Our Copper,’ while in the East it is taught to 'rid oneself of desire.' On the surface these would appear to be doctrines in opposition. Both traditions uphold that all our personal desires are but distorted reflections of what the True Self desires for us. The Self makes known the direction, purpose and meaning of our existence through what we truly desire for ourselves.


       However, the original desires from The One become distorted, separative, and selfish through the planes from spirit to substance. They are erroneously presumed to originate within the lower, personal self. When we come to realize that all our pseudo desires are really distortions of but One Desire, then our total personality experiences a gradual purification. All our desires originate from memory. They are recalled by the power of sensation. The power of the senses to arouse desire is what motivates all our actions in the physical world. It is even the prime motivation behind our spiritual quest for union due to our original memory of unity even before the Fall. When we progress far enough on the road within, contact is eventually made. It comes from afar, from the inner side, down and out to the lower self. Initially it may be just an intuitive feeling or a minor glimpse on a rare occasion. A flash of brilliant white light, quick as a finger-snap, may suddenly interrupt a deep meditation. Gradually the glimpses and flashes become more frequent, until the glorious day when a flash of considerable magnitude strikes our lower consciousness. Coupled with this satori is a sensation not easily ignored. It supersedes all five physical senses combined. It is all loving, all consuming, all forgiving, exotic, erotic, and heightens all the other senses to a realization that it is no longer we who sense at all.


       This super sense arouses a new desire in the blessed recipient. But it is unlike any desire known previously. There is none of the angst or tension that accompanies lower, separative desires, and no fears as to outcome which usually accompnay our false, selfish desires. It is a total release from all that and the fanatical actions that attend false desires. The result purifies 'Our Copper,' of which western traditions speak, and we attain the goal of 'personal' desireless-ness to which eastern traditions aspire. This is affected through simple default of the pursuit of counterfeits. The lower sensations lose their grip on personality with the realization of their true origin. What accompanies realization is devotional use of all our senses to the One-Self, for Its purpose and exploitation. We continue our lives as before, but we now surrender any personal attachment to the outcome of actions performed through us by The One. Even the desire for eternal union with That One is abandoned and replaced with the absolute certainty that we have it now, and that we have had it always.


       In Genesis 3:1, Moses wrote: “Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made.” The Hebrew spelling for 'serpent' in this verse is נחש, nachash. It totals 358 by gematria. The same spelling is used in the ancient Semitic word for Copper. So we may come to understand, through the use of Qabalists, that the serpent that the mass consciousness equates with the Devil is actually symbolic of our base desire nature. The word ‘field’ is spelled חית, chith. It is the spelling of Hebrew letter ח, cheth, assigned to the Chariot Tarot Key which commonly represents human personality, in that personality, Qabalists suggest, 'fences in' personal consciousness and serves as a field of expression for the One-Life in the human kingdom. Now then, Qabalists suggest a more enlightened imagery when the verse is understood as: “desire is more subtle than any beast of personality.” It is more subtle because of its double action to create involution or evolution. Number 358 is also the number of משיח, messiah, 'Redeemer.' The desire nature that plunges us into the thick illusion of physical manifestation under the guise of the tempter is the same power of the redeemer liberating us toward union with The One whence we came. To the True Alchemist and Yogi there is just One Will, One Ego, One Memory, One Mind and One Desire. For those of us who have not yet experienced the initial 'kiss' from That One, or is not close to its certainty by virtue of Reason, all this remains One Absurdity.

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