Knowledge and Conversation

  with the Holy Guardian Angel


        The Holy Guardian Angel, the Divine Higher Genius, Adam Quodmon, Ben-The Son, The King, Alchemical Sun, The Christ, and The One-Ego are all differing names of the One, same Entity seated in the Heart of every living creature, and symbolically expressed as Tiphareth on the Tree of Life. In Tarot packs closer to the ancient and more esoteric designs, the Entity is pictured as an Angel or Woman in the Temperance Key. This angel in the Temperance Tarot Key is actually the Son Himself, בן, ben, in Tiphareth, in action mode. S/he is not to be considered our ‘personal’ Guardian Angel, but THE Guardian Angel of all of us. This Being, the Principal Doer in the Red Work, is the reflected Super-conscious Self in Kether, the Universal Alchemical Mercury. Total conscious union with the Higher Self in Tiphareth is the ultimate goal of every aspiring alchemist set to accomplishing The Great Work. Long before that glorious, self-conscious marriage becomes realized in the physical life of an aspirant, His presence is known and felt in the Philosophic Egg through a waxing intuitive response. His influence is made evident in the least most events and circumstances in the life of an alchemist. His over-shadowing presence keeps all aspirants, in whatever discipline, from straying back too far into Maya.


       This growing knowledge and fraternity is a result of the disciple's desire and intent reflected back to the Source. In the early stages a student must exert what feels to be personal effort from the self-conscious level. A habit pattern must be created to make subconsciousness respond to suggestions from the Super-conscious Self, rather than acting upon input from the lower, separative self-conscious level. This can be accomplished in various ways through a number of world spiritual disciplines. One most effective method in the East or West is through ritual. But Practical Qabalah is not for all students in the West, particularly in the very early stages of Return. For those so inclined, however, and for those familiar with the anatomy of ritual magic, and ready for the intense influx of light and energy that this method evokes, it is most effective and rewarding. The best ritual extant for the invocation of the Divine Higher Genius can be found in the earlier editions of The Golden Dawn System of Magic recorded by Dr. Israel Regardie. Unfortunately it is not to be found in the more recent 1984 edition. Unless contact is made with The Divine Higher Genius, or unless one has been shown the Great Salt Sea of Awareness first-hand, most other ritual experiments included in the Golden Dawn, beyond the Meditation Rituals, will prove a waste of time. A weekly invocation ritual will suffice. Over some period, years in some cases, workings may increase to once a day. A genuine aspirant will know when s/he has gone too far too fast. The most immediate effect of invoking more than the current state of health can hold is an affliction much like the flu, though much more intense. A safer method that dispenses with all the regalia and discipline is to turn all our internal dialogue over to the One-Ego. Try to converse with Him daily. All our thoughts, fears, plans, prayers and whatever should be directed to Him since they were and are His in the first place.


       The continuing recognition of an over-shadowing super-conscious presence serves to release the subconscious mind from receiving suggestions from the self-conscious level. This restores her rightful function to act upon all suggestions from the Super-conscious Self and to send that knowledge to self-consciousness through intuition. Invoke Him often. The effects are almost immediate. Go about daily affairs with the total faith that He, through intuition, will set up whatever is necessary for the optimum outcome of all concerned. We come to see synchronicity in the events about us. It has always been there since the beginning, we just could not perceive it due to our lower-self involvement and attachments. That changes. So does our whole life and circumstance change in accordance with our degree of conscious desire and intent for union with That One. There isn't anything else, actually.

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