According to Qabalah the primal Universal Force throughout creation is called כחמה, kachmah, loosely translated as ‘what is power?’ This same power, flowing through the human organism is called חיה, chiah, ‘life force’, from which various disciplines name it ki or chi. Kachmah is sourced from the second sphere on the Tree, חכמה, Chokmah, and spelled with the same transposed letters. Chokmah is the second mode of the One Triune-God: Kether (Omniscience), Chokmah (Omnipotence) and Binah (Omnipresence).


       This agrees completely with the ancient Eastern Teachings where the primal Universal Force is called Shakti. Similarly, this same One Force acting within the human organism is called Kundalini. Shakti of the East is the fundamental power sourced from Shiva, the God of Universal Omnipotence throughout creation, and the second mode of the One Triune-God: Brahma-Shiva-Vishnu.


       The raising of Kundalini, 'the coiled up', within the human organism is the one and only way to super-conscious perception, to total realization of the Spirit, and to the attainment of Divine Wisdom. When fully activated it is in the sense of two serpents. It is actually the two nerve currents of the sympathetic nervous system the East names Pingala and Ida. They flank the open, tube-like spinal column, Sushumna. Kundalini power is coiled up at the base of Sushumna, in the Muladhara Lotus, near the sacral plexus. In the Bible, and in western alchemical traditions, Ida is the Lily of the Valley; Pingala, the Rose of Sharon.


       Kundalini is the Serpent Power within the Saturn Chakra, our Metal Lead. In most adult humans Sushumna is closed over at the bottom. We are born with it open if the birth is normal and healthy, but around the age of seven years, on average, the bottom opening begins to gel over, becoming harder with age. Prior to the natural closure, Kundalini flow traverses up the hollow column giving a degree of clairvoyant and clairaudient powers to children who see and hear 'imaginary' friends. The powers wane with the closing during maturation into adulthood. Those of us with any degree of what are called supernatural powers have them because a minute flow of Kundalini is traversing upward.


       The truth is that the Serpent Power, Kundalini, is always flowing up through the spinal column in very small quantities; so small, in fact, that it is considered ‘dormant’. We are all alive and moving about in all manner of activity because of Kundalini. All our power and energy of mind and body is sourced from the Kundalini that actually animates our entire being. If it were to stop flowing, the physical body would be clinically dead. In its so called ‘dormant’ stage we are merely normal humans going about whatever normal humans do; learning, thinking, playing, living, working, sitting in front of the television, eating and drinking junk food.


       But when the Kundalini is awakened somewhat there comes with it a sort of spiritual renaissance. Alchemy and Yoga disciplines attempt to aid the reopening at the sacral base for the purpose of enlightenment. The closed end is reopened by being 'struck' with the breath. Methods for raising the Serpent Power vary slightly with world spiritual disciplines. All methods, however, contain most of these exercises: breathing, similar to that outlined in Raja-Yoga; sound and color mantras with visualizations symbolic of the respective chakras; and imagination. We are instructed that it is never wise to focus directly on the lotus centers themselves since prolonged concentration on any point within the physical body may create congestion. Let it be the 'Woman's Work' by indirect suggestions from the super-conscious level. This is “waiting for the Master to instruct us” of which we read and hear. That Master, the Guru, the Teacher comes from within. The Instructor is not a person. It is Shakti, or Kachmah, coming from Shiva or Chokmah.


       Prior to that coming, moral and physical health is the necessary prerequisite with any attempts to arouse Kundalini. As Kundalini power passes up through the lotus centers, the energy within those centers increases a hundredfold. If we hold extremely prudish or extremely lascivious views or attitudes toward sex and the reproductive force, for example, the increased power flowing through the Mars Chakra will polarize our behavior with the zeal of a fanatic. I propose the metaphysical theory that the most disastrous incidents of Kundalini aroused prematurely are recorded in cases of spontaneous human combustion. The fire burns bluish-white from within the spinal column outward in all directions simultaneously. The heat is so quick and intense that nothing survives of the skeletal frame while the immediate vicinity near the charred corpse is barely singed or left entirely unscathed. There is also a certain, proper order to be maintained with the opening of the lotus centers. Mars is the second center up from the Saturn Center, but advanced yogis teach that it is not the center that should be stimulated after Saturn. The Sun Lotus, Alchemical Gold, should be aroused next. This turns all the released sacral energies over to the One-Ego seated within the Heart. Under the guidance of the Master, in Tiphareth, the increased powers are devoted solely to His use, for His purpose. This will save an aspirant untold grief by releasing all attachment toward any outcome. The Christ Consciousness (Tiphareth) within us is the Principal Doer in this Art. All Metals or chakras should be purified in the alchemical tradition prior to any attempt at raising Kundalini. Cross reference with IDA and PINGALA.

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