L, Lamed, ל


       Lamed, ל, transcribed as 'L,' numeration 30, meaning 'ox-goad,' is the grace that goads Spirit, which is symbolized as the Ox under letter Aleph. The numeration of the whole letter-name למד is 74, and spelled out in plenitude,

למד מים דלת, LMD MIM DLTh, equals 598. Qabalists assign Lamed to the Justice Tarot Key, and on the Tree of Life to the twenty-second path. This is the link between the One-Will seated in Geburah to the One-Ego represented by Tiphareth.


       Qabalists title this path שכל נאמן, Sakel ne-Amen, the 'Faithful Intelligence' since it is Faith that spurs or goads the Higher Will into action through the One-Ego. W.W. Westcott's commentary on the 22nd Path is: "...by it spiritual virtues are increased, and all dwellers on earth are merely under its shadow." Meaning that through Faith other, latent powers of the subconscious are released, and all earth's inhabitants are truly under Faith with regard their existence.


       Faith will move seeming mountains. The ‘mountain’ alluded to in sacred writings is the mountain of Spirit. We just do it to activate Spirit. Surrender all attachment to whatever results manifest. Results will fall in accordance with the Universal Will-To-Good. The spelling of Lamed (LMD) affords clues as to how this is accomplished. Qabalisits teach that action, based upon reasoned Faith (L), goads the Higher Will in and through the Universal First Matter (M), in conformance with our purified Desires and Imagery (D). Even the letters symbolizing the Spirit (Aleph) and the Goad (Lamed) together spell אל, EL, the One-God. Translated literally, EL is 'strength, power, and might.' This is the (mountain) Might of the Spirit of God moved by Faith.


       The zodiacal sign Libra, assigned to Justice, is ruled by Venus, our purified desire nature, and another name for the First Matter. Venus emphasizes Imagination and Faith, the active powers in the manifestation of desire, as the Ox-Goad of Higher Will. The number of the letter-name Lamed at 74 is also the number of Agnus Dei, the 'Lamb of God,' another title for the Christ Consciousness seated in Tiphareth. The Christ within us is the Spirit of God, the Consciousness performing all works of power.

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