Living Stone


       The Living Stone is any man or woman, who in this lifetime or through accrued lifetimes, is given the beneficent, loving Grace of God Almighty, and has successfully overcome all immature expressions of consciousness within his/her being. This one has exposed, purified, perfected, and united the personal self- and subconscious disguises, and has united this regenerated lower self with the inner, One Christ-Consciousness, Who in turn, is one with the Father. For such a person death, as experienced by all of us still trapped in three-dimensional awareness, is at an end. The necessity for cycles of physical birth, death and rebirth has been fulfilled. Whether we call such a person Adept, Master, Yogi, Shaman or Sorcerer is not important or even relevant. They who have fulfilled their inherited destiny may appear as anyone else. Yet they must be secretive of their very existence in this physical world. In this regard consider the Yaqui Men of Knowledge, Don Juan Matus and Don Genaro, who confessed that if they did not have each other as friends, an overwhelming sense of passionate loneliness would consume them. I would ask the reader to consider also the account of one anonymous adept who wrote An Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King. In the thirteenth chapter the author describes his loneliness, circa 1645, midst a population of separative egos clamoring for his secrets. On the other hand, the rewards of our destiny are virtually incomprehensible. The Sage says it best in the closing chapter of the treatise above. In its entirety, I quote:


"He that has once found this Art, can have nothing else in all the world to wish for, than that he may be allowed to serve his God in peace and safety. He will not care for pomp or outward dazzling show. But if he lived a thousand years, and daily entertained a million people, he could never come to want, since he has at hand the means of indefinitely multiplying the Stone both in weight and virtue, and thus of changing all imperfect metals in the world into gold.


In the second place, he has it in his power to make stones and diamonds far more precious than any that are naturally procured.

In the third place, he has an Universal Medicine, with which he can cure every conceivable disease, and, indeed, as to the quantity of his Medicine, he might heal all sick people in the world.


Now to the King Eternal, Immortal, and sole Almighty, be everlasting praise for these His unspeakable gifts and invaluable treasures.

I exhort all that possess this Treasure, to use it to the praise of God, and the good of their neighbors, in order that they may not at the last day be eternally doomed for their ingratitude to their Creator. To God alone be the Glory."1


       If we consciously take up this Great Work, in all seriousness, it is difficult to turn back toward all stupid endeavors. But I feel it prudent to warn, again, not to take up physical laboratory procedures. To do so already demonstrates the initial impure motives. It is also a direct misinterpretation of the sages' writings, and it is best to quit that path forthwith before the poisons abuptly end the experiments. All the genuine sages quoted in this site have told us, repeatedly, that there is nothing to aquire or make in a physical laboratory. If the argument is for the purpose of perfect health through laboratory elixirs, we cannot mix up anything that homeopathy and naturopathy hasn't already done better. There are so many ways to become healthy without ingesting lethal chemicals. First come to know the Consciousness Within, Who grants all that unfolds subsequently.


       When that union within is achieved, solely by the Grace of God Almighty, the ability to manipulate physical substances is inherent. It will be just one of the many so-called powers that comes naturally. Even then an elaborate laboratory will not be necessary, you will discover. We already have the Gold we seek within us. The greatest adepts in the history of this world were once where we are now. All anyone need do is devote one's Intent to this ultimate end. Its culmination is an eventual certainty because it is our heritage. We are an aspect of God incarnate. We are all potentially Living Stones.

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1 Anonymous, Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King. Edmonds, WA: Alchemical Press, 1984, pg. 39.