Lux Mundi


       The Light of the World, (Lat.). Of the hundreds of titles and names attributed the First Matter, Lux Mundi is yet another. In Latin Cabala Simplex and in Hebrew gematria, the fact is brought home again and again. Lux equates to 49, as does caelum, 'heaven.' Mundi sums to 55, and in Hebrew, כלה, kalah, 'bride,' equals the same. Two other Hebrew words of relevance each add up to 55: הכל, ha-kal, 'the All,' and האדמה, ha-adamah, meaning 'the ground' or 'the Earth.'


       Because of this gematria still other names were generated for the First Matter: the Heavenly Bride, the Bride of Heaven, Heavenly Earth, Earthly Light, Heavenly Ground, the Heavenly All, to name a few. Soul of the World, Root of the World, Sperm of the World and Gluten of the White Eagle all offer variations of the same idea. The whole term, Lux Mundi, sums to 104, that of Ars Notaria. The First Matter holds the imprint of all forms in the history of creation and can be read by a True Alchemist, Yogi or Adept.


       The First Matter, as the Universal Subconscious Mind Substance, behaves in the same manner as our 'personal' subconscious mind. It holds past memories and future images to be tapped, recovered, and reviewed as anyone would remember all the personal experiences or recall early childhood fantasies and memories. Ars Notaria, used by Eliphas Levi, is the ability to read Akasha, the Universal Subconscious Mind as you would your own. This Universal Mind Matter is the Akashic Record of the history of creation. They are the same save in depth and breadth. All the images from God and humanity are there in its vast, limitless, luminous Sea of Awareness we could call Memory. See ARS NOTARIA, ARGENT VIVE, LUSTRAL WATER, GLUTEN OF THE EAGLE and ETHER as cross references.

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