Mantra Yoga


       Mantra Yoga is the eastern practice utilizing sound harmonics to balance force centers in the finer bodies. It is no less important in western traditions, particularly so in alchemy since this discipline brings all the 'interior stars' or 'metals' into balance within themselves and into synchronization with each other. This is a fundamental necessity before the Serpent Power can be raised. “Purifying our metals,” “making Mercury of all our metals,” “distilling the metals" and other alchemical dicta are various ways western alchemists instruct us to balance these inner forces. The seven chakras in the finer vehicles influence glands and nerve centers in the physical body. When the finer centers are balanced, spiritual energies flowing through them influence glands and nerves to operate with optimum health and efficacy, secreting vital essences into the blood stream. This enhances that vital fluid, turning it into the 'potable gold' that traverses veins and arteries throughout the body and into the frontal lobe of the brain where it helps maturate the Philosophers’ Stone within the pineal gland. Even the less experienced astrologers are aware of the effects on human consciousness when any natal planet is poorly aspected or harshly transited in the birth chart. The objective of Mantra Yoga is to counterbalance or neutralize those negative elements surfacing from within so that we may transcend their disruptive spell. Should Kundalini be allowed to rise through unbalanced centers, our base nature, so stimulated, would intensify and consume the personality. Certain ruination, illnesses, and even eventual death could result. If we are under the disruptive spell of anger, for example, it is due to the negative energy flowing through the Mars Center (the Svadishthana Chakra), or the Metal Iron of the Alchemists. A sure method for balancing our interior stars is through sound and color meditations. The assigned color and sound attributions used in the western alchemical tradition for the planets and zodiacal signs are succinctly referenced here from Dr. Paul Foster Case’s The Tarot, A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages:


Aries, red, C-nat                            Libra, green, F-sharp

Taurus, red-orange, C-sharp          Scorpio, blue-green, G-sharp

Gemini, orange, D-nat                   Sagittarius, blue, G-sharp

Cancer, yellow-orange, D-sharp   Capricorn, indigo, A-nat

Leo, yellow, E-nat                         Aquarius, violet, A-sharp

Virgo, yellow-green, F-nat            Pisces, red-violet, B-nat


       The planetary attributions follow:


Sun, orange, D-nat

Moon, blue, G-sharp

Mercury, yellow, E-nat

Venus, green, F-sharp

Mars, red, C-nat

Jupiter, violet, A-sharp

Saturn, indigo, A-nat


       The method for sound and color exercises follows those set by Yoga traditions. Envision the Glass Vessel imbued with the particular color as OM or AUM is chanted in the tone corresponding. Use the planetary attributions to hone force centers, or use the twelve zodiacal sign attributions to heal the body zones. We are cautioned not to concentrate on any particular body part, gland or nerve center. This may cause congestion in the area, especially when the concentration improves with practice. Let the Woman do her work honing centers and regions indirectly. Chant OM three times, drawn out, while imaging the surrounding color for about 3 minutes with each center. Repeat often.

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