Mercy to Mildness

       Perhaps we can best relate to this. We have all seen in the movies maybe, or especially in the animated cartoons with the cat and mouse duo, Tom & Jerry, constantly at odds with each other. Tom-cat, stands thinking of yet another plot against his miniature nemesis. While pondering, a little black devil-cat appears on Tom’s left shoulder. The little imp pokes Tom with his pitchfork and jumps up and down in gleeful agreement with the plot against Jerry. But then another apparition, a little white angel-cat, appears on Tom’s right shoulder pleading with Tom not to proceed with the hurtful prank. Tom vacillates to the left and right, wrestling with his dilemma.


       The simple example is not unlike us, you and I, standing as if we were the Middle Pillar between Severity and Mercy. As we scheme and plot our way through the Life, we gauge the merits and consequences.


       Qabalistically the Pillar of Mercy represents that other half of us that deeply desires reunion and return to that state of Consciousness considered whole. This Mercy half within is the Source that impels us to keep searching for peace and harmony in all our affairs. The Severity half that struggles for that same Utopian bliss seeks it in a world out there fraught with sensational illusions. Deluded by it all we keep banging our heads in the hope that it still can be accomplished some how, by the next new thing, surely.


       We, collective humanity, are yet an incomplete project in the Creator’s imagery. Some of us, spiritually speaking, lean heavily toward the Pillar of Severity with less than a thought about anyone else but moi. Then, some of us lean so far to the Pillar of Mercy as to forego all contact with anyone out there. Neither position has played out optimally, historically speaking.


       As described under the guise of Cain’s descendants in Genesis, Chapter 4, humanity, through millennia, has managed to create many wonders in all the affairs of civilization. From the earliest times mankind’s motives were solely selfish. The personal lot of the masses improved only incidentally subsequent in many cases, a residual effect for the performance of miserable tedium under the brutal thumb of a few. Painfully slow, little by little, the movers and makers of such wonders have, out of necessity, adjusted their motivations to consider their effects upon the whole.


       That adjustment, from the earliest times, came from behind the guise of Seth’s descendants described in Genesis, Chapter 5. Painfully slow, little by little, mankind has sub-consciously improved his body consciousness at the cellular level. We are becoming sufficiently efficacious in mind and body to create a physical world environment where we are consciously aware of the presence and influence of Eternal Spirit. Regardless of the yet unbalanced conditions in these current times, eventually, in this continually evolving world, all vestiges of the separative, selfish ego shall be expunged from the hearts of Cain’s descendants, that is, us. The proclivities of his line (and remember that “his line” is within each of us) will die out as did the primitive hominids preceding Homo Sapiens-Sapiens. The remnants of such, personified as the descendants of Cain, will be inundated with The Waters from above as portrayed in the Biblical drama.


       The new species, whether he be Homo Divinitatis, Homo Spiritualis or some other label, will be the inhabitants of the New Order of the Ages, enjoying absolute freedom of Spirit incarnate in a physical world.


       Yes, a long way yet to go, indeed.

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