Revised: September 2019


       Alchemists consider Multiplication to be their final step in the confection of the Philosophers’ Stone. Other alchemists name this step Augmentation. A list of the steps and the corresponding zodiacal signs can be found in Manly P. Hall's Secret Teachings of All Ages. Regardless its formal title, as the twelfth step, it may be combined with the zodiacal sign, Pisces, which has a dual rulership from Jupiter and Neptune according to the ancient astrologers. It is also the sign in which Venus is exalted. Jupiter, whose sphere of influence is Chesed on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, renders the ability to read the Universal Memory Substance (Ain Suph Aur or Akasha), referred to as 'Akashic Records' in recent times. The Jupiter Center, our Metal Tin, is a point in the spinal column behind the solar plexus and influences that ganglia of nerves in the abdomen, between the stomach and the aorta. This position, however, may be a subtle blind for something more secretive. It inherited the name 'solar' from the ray-like pattern of its nerve fibers. Biology calls the solar plexus the 'abdominal brain' in that this nerve network is primarily responsible for building our physical body since its conception in the womb. This Assemblage Point on the Glass Vessel is pivotal in building our present physical bodies and all the bodies of our previous incarnations. It has done so by virtue of Cosmic Memory. The history of all creation is imprinted on the Akashic Substance, the Universal Memory-Mind-Matter. All of our experiences in this life are impressed upon that Memory as we live them. Yours and my memories are part of the Cosmic Memory albeit less so, and which we erroneously consider ‘personal’. As our consciousness grows and expands through our efforts in the Great Work, we can tap the Universal Memory as easily as we recall what we did yesterday. It is our heritage to do so when our metal Tin is purified and sublimated.


       It would seem logical then, esoterically, that the Jupiter Center is the ruling power in Multiplication, since it is the power that spreads the quality of consciousness to every cell throughout the physical body, and all the higher, inner, finer bodies. It builds or renews all the vehicles. We guide the renewing power in this world through our conscious choices of living habits and foodstuffs as fuel. The body is then finely honed into shape by the imaginative power, the exalted Venus Power in Pisces. The higher octave of Venus is the co-ruler of Pisces, Neptune, the super-conscious level of Cosmic Memory. The Neptune influence builds the multi-level vehicles of Adeptship. Some writers conceal this process of Multiplication or Augmentation under the term 'Inceration'. To incerate something is to form or to impress it into wax. When we use our imagination the matrix of our images is impressed within the Universal First Matter, also called Wax by many alchemists. The First Substance forms or adheres about the matrix to eventually become a tangible reality in this physical plane.


       In profound sleep the image making faculty is at its most powerful. Neptune, as that higher octave of Venus, is that which images a body-vehicle as the dwelling place for the Christ Consciousness. Pisces, astrologers inform us, rules sleep. All these and any body changes transpire most rapidly during that state. Weight is added to this theory when we consider that Hebrew letter Qoph (ק) is assigned to the Moon Tarot Key, and both are attributed to Pisces. Qabalists assign all these hints to the twenty-ninth path on the Tree, titled the 'Corporeal (body) Intelligence.' This path connects spheres Netzach and Malkuth. Netzach is the sphere of Venus, desire and imagination; Malkuth, the sphere of the Earth and body.


       We all use this power today, for better or worse, manufacturing our future bodily condition. How others see us presently is the result of how we have lived and seen ourselves previously. An alchemist, especially one who has seen the Universal Mind-Matter first-hand, knows this as the truth. Multiplication is a process accomplished alchemists use to augment the body's cellular level with Lac Virginis from Distillation, and Prana through Aeration. These steps, combined with the essences secreted by healthy organs and glands, make the secret Elixir, Aurum Potabile, inside the body. Subsequently, every one of the trillions of body cells are tinctured with the Light Substance from the prepared blood; then one cell tincts ten, ten tinct one hundred, one hundred tinct one thousand, etc. Just exactly how consciousness builds body vehicles is not yet clear to our scientific communities. It is a process initiated from the super-conscious level and carried out through subconsciousness.


       On the Cube of Space, an important key to the entire Alchemical Process, the edge allocated to Pisces, Qoph, the Moon Tarot Key, and Multiplication is South-Below. Below is the area of subconscious influence, the face of the Moon, while the face South is assigned to the Sun. Multiplication is an operation of the Sun and Moon. It is initiated from our self-conscious level, Our Mercury, and completed from the Super-conscious, Universal Mercury level in Kether. Meditations with Creative Imagery and Prayer may accelerate the process. 

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