N, Nun, נ


       Letter Nun, נ, transcribed as 'N', numeration 50, means Fish. The numeration of the whole letter-name נון is 106, and spelled out in plenitude, נון וו נונ, NUN VV NUN, equals 224. Nun is one of the 5 letters that takes a final form at the end of a word, ן, and holds numeric value 700. Qabalists assign Nun to the Death Tarot Key, and on the Tree of Life to the twenty-fourth path connecting the sixth sphere, Tiphareth (the One-Ego), to the seventh sphere, Netzach (the Desire Nature). This path, called שכל דמיוני, Sakel Damyoniy, the 'Imaginative Intelligence,' carries influence from the One Ego, seated within the heart of collective humanity, into the Desire Nature (see KAMA MANAS). Dr. A.E. Waite commented on the 24th Path in The 32 Paths of Wisdom: "It is the ground of similarity in the likeness of beings who are created to its agreement after its aspects." This alludes to sexual continence necessary at a particular stage of the alchemist's evolution. The re-channeled reproductive force enhances the imaginative powers toward complete maturation of the pineal gland.


       Our true desire is what the One-Ego, the Christ Consciousness, imagines and thereby desires for us. Our counterfeit desires then, selfish and separative, are pitted against the desires of millions erroneously fearing lack. Lands and resources are ravaged by the endless pursuit of petty, self-serving desires toward a seemingly better lot that, if rightly understood, was never threatened from the beginning. Our selfish, lower desires bring death to the environment and to others. The quest to satisfy these ever waxing, insatiable impulses brings death even to ourselves. In the truest sense, driven by our fearful desires for more of everything, we struggle to die.


       The realization that natural death, appearing in forms of radically changing conditions and circumstances, is really an ally who brings us closer to our purest desires calls for an intelligent imagination from the outset. Our daily deaths release us from present prisons that were constructed upon previous fears. Death is our companion and Liberator guiding us closer to our true desires while freeing us from our bondage to current and out-worn conditions. Imagine the past, petty attitudes and behavior patterns that have kept us from realizing our true desires as falling away, allowing the True Self to manifest what It envisions for us. When we form such imagery it is the fiery solar substance, Prima Materia, which attaches itself to these matrices. The Mars force, the ruling power of Scorpio to ancient astrologers, is primarily a disintegrating force that sets about destroying the existing barriers which inhibit manifestation of newly formed imagery. By the second Law of Thermodynamics we are shown that the destruction of old, out-worn form releases new energy. The new energy gives us the impetus to establish and build upon fresh imagery.


       On the Cube of Space, Nun, Scorpio and Death are allocated the position South-West. When the Cube is imagined about the head with the West face before our eyes, Death assumes the position off to the left. This placement agrees with another esoteric tradition. In Journey to Ixtlan, Carlos Castaneda's third journal of Yaqui Indian esoteric traditions, Don Juan counsels Carlos concerning Death in the fourth chapter, 'Death as an Advisor.' He reminds Carlos that Death, as our eternal companion off to the left, may be consulted in times of fearful separativeness. With this practice the deep fear reactions, which grip us when a dear person, condition or belief is wrenched suddenly from our experience, turn into knowledge that changing circumstances work impeccably toward the betterment of all concerned. It may be helpful to mind that Death's position on the Cube connects the faces of the Sun in the South and Jupiter in the West, two of the greatest benefactors in our solar system. Develop these hints for yourself.


       The plenitude spelling of Nun shares its numeration with דרכ, derek, the Hebrew for 'path, course, way of life.' Thus, the fullest expression of the dark specter of Death, when its true purpose is revealed, is our natural path to Life. Death, our multi-leveled Liberator, is a necessity on our Road to Reunion. When this alliance forms a habit pattern becoming second nature, we come to realize Death, as we have erroneously believed it to be, does not exist; that it never has. A synchronized, eternally changing life of peace is our eventual reward. Death becomes a good friend who may be anticipated as the ally guiding us toward the manifestation of previous images given us by the One-Ego. The Mars Center, fiery in nature, is the ruling power in Scorpio, a fixed watery sign. When the reproductive force of Scorpio is rechanneled, it creates the 'moist fire' used by alchemists to heat their Bath. In this sense the moist fire of Death works as our sole, ultimate Liberator from three-dimensional consciousness, and who catapults our awareness into the spiritual, fifth kingdom. These are only some of the powers of our Imaginative Intelligence. See BALNEUM, HERMETIC SEAL, HUMIDITY and IRON as cross references.

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