Nature of Gold & Silver

Revised: May 2021

Of the Nature of Gold


Gold is a perfect body, engendered of ARGENT-VIVE pure, fixed, clear, red, and of SULPHUR clean, fixed, red, not burning, and it wants nothing.


       All the metals contain within themselves the three modes of super-conscious, self-conscious and subconscious expression disguised as Argent-Vive/Mercury, Sulfur and Salt in the classical alchemical writings. Gold is the Sun source or heart center (meaning THAT point within each of us) in esoteric astrology, or the Anahata chakra of Eastern esoterica. In the human body its location is in the spine at the level of the heart. It influences the cardiac ganglion. In the Western esoteric tradition it is the Christ level of consciousness (Krishna in Hinduism). Its true nature, therefore, is a “perfect body,” begotten of pure AIN SUPh AUR (Argent Vive), super-consciousness. At the level of the Christ Consciousness, gold’s sulphur is “clean” and steady and does not “burn” with the angst of the false, separative ego. It “wants” or lacks nothing since it knows when it is perfectly aligned with super-conscious states within that all things and circumstances are added unto it as needed. The True Ego within us all is perpetually united with the Father. When this union is attained it releases the separative self-conscious mind from its insane impulses toward striving for survival, and allows it to perform its natural function, that of invoking super-conscious influence into all its circumstances. The base, natural tendencies of the other six metals tend to influence the Gold Center to lower, impure expressions of egomania. With the 'turning' of the other six the Gold Center falls into natural alignment. “ wants nothing” in itself.


Of the Nature of Silver


Silver is a body, clean, pure, and almost perfect, begotten of ARGENT-VIVE, pure, an almost fixed, clear, and white, and of such a like SULPHUR; It wants for nothing, save a little fixation, color, and weight.


       Silver is the Ajna chakra of the yogis or the Moon center of esoteric astrology. In the body its location is within the pituitary gland behind the root of the nose. It is the force source ruling the body of sub-consciousness, the 'astral' body of Western metaphysics. Bacon tells us that it is “almost perfect,” because it is also “begotten of ARGENT-VIVE,” like that of the Sun center. However, it is not as pure as the former. The finer, astral body of the subconscious is the vehicle of the astral plane and susceptible to the influences of humanity’s 'collective unconscious' to invoke the Jungian term (The World of Yetzirah in Qabalah speak). These influences must be cleared before the pure, gold brilliance of the Sun (Christ Consciousness) is reflected into self-consciousness through the subconscious.. The sulphur (self-conscious expression) in this center is like that of its mercury (Argent Vive) because silver is dependent on suggestions from self-consciousness. Self-consciousness induces, but the center of sub-consciousness is deductive. It does not possess a discriminative faculty, therefore it elaborates upon whatever it receives. Silver moves this way or that depending on suggestions from sulphur, so Bacon teaches it as “almost fixed.”


       The Black Stage (aka, the Black Work) of Alchemy is the aspirant’s objective to tear down the false conceptions and misunderstandings proffered by self-consciousness, thereby destroying outdated and destructive habit patterns and releasing sub-consciousness from bondage to those errors. In the natural human sub-consciousness is amenable to suggestions from the self-conscious level. When self-consciousness ultimately surrenders (another goal of alchemy), sub-consciousness takes up its rightful position of receiving all its suggestions from super-consciousness level. The sub-conscious is neutral. It is “clean, pure, and almost perfect.” It receives suggestions from either of the other two. When it accepts dominant self-conscious instruction, our lives eventually become separated from the whole because immature self-consciousness is constantly and erroneously beguiled by sensation. This inhibits any super-conscious expression through the center. Self-consciousness, by its nature, is on the take. Its immature expression will do anything in its power to manipulate us into advantages over all others in any way to take even more, endlessly.


       So, again, Friar Bacon informs us that “it wants for nothing, save a little fixation, color, and weight.” One familiar activity of sub-consciousness is 'mind-wandering.' This enables mind, when it falls into a state of day-dreaming to pass from one thought to another until it has traversed a vast field of thoughts and images. Until one learns to control this power of associating image with image, however, it interferes with concentration and with all other directed use of self-conscious mental powers. This is the fixation Bacon infers 'wanting'. The color of the sub-conscious body should result in pure white when it is cleared of negative astral influences. With the normal human not interested in the Alchemical process, the astral body is tinctured a variety of color hues ranging from shades of gray to a citrine color.


       Finally, the use of 'weight' gives cause for the inference that Bacon was no mere tyro Qabalist. The Hebrew for 'weight' is כבד, kabode. It is also the word for the modern 'gravitation.' Qabalists teach that gravitation, in its purest, simplest sense is: 'I am attracted to you and you are attracted to me.' Astrophysicists are constantly asking the question: “Why does gravity make everything so attractive?” In a very real sense 'gravitation' is LOVE! When we find ourselves ‘falling in love’ with another human being, do we not gravitate toward each other? Everything in the physical universe is made up of only ONE MIND SUBSTANCE! The intrinsic quality of that one substance is Love, and It loves all of Itself. It cannot do anything else without including and expressing this inherent quality. All the fortunate individuals who have experienced a genuine Near Death Experience (NDE) will actually attest to this. The ancient philosophers, even before Bacon, knew the synonymous meaning of the Hebrew kabode with 'weight, gravitation, and love.' When Bacon says silver is wanting a little “weight,” he knew that a Qabalist would know that the sub-conscious body just lacks a little love to become perfect. When sub-consciousness takes suggestions from the self-conscious level it is more difficult to exude any expressions of love in that those suggestions are steeped in self-serving intentions. Unconditional love comes only from super-consciousness. Love is the purifier that washes and cleanses that body into pure whiteness when released from self-conscious rantings. The number within כבד is 26, the number of יהוה, Jehoveh. The unconditional Love of Jehoveh, through his Divine Son, the Christ Consciousness, is the only love that purifies.

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