Nature of Tin & Lead


Of the Nature of Tin


Tin is a body clean, imperfect, engendered of ARGENT-VIVE pure, fixed, and not fixed clear, being white outwardly, but red inwardly, and of the like SULPHUR. Tin lacks only decoction, or digestion.


       Alchemical Tin is the Manipura chakra of the yogis or the Jupiter center of esoteric astrology. In the body its location is approximately at the level of the solar plexus. In the order of “cleanness” it is second out from the Sun center, according to Bacon. It is imperfect. Like its super-conscious expression (Argent Vive), the self-conscious (sulphur) expression through this center is white outwardly but still red within. What Bacon is inferring is that, predominantly, sub-conscious elements are still expressed through this center, or alchemically speaking, tin’s sulphur is yet naturally attached to salt-ish tendencies.


       In alchemy-speak when self-consciousness (sulphur) aligns its powers with super-consciousness (mercury or Argent Vive), the combination is called “white sulphur.” When self-conscious expressions are rooted in habitual sub-conscious tendencies or habit patterns, alchemists labeled this “red sulphur.” The effects within the personality complex show up as predominant tendencies toward pomposity, raw materialism, strong pride, and rigid conservatism, to name a few. These are some of the more base expressions exuding from an ill aspected Jupiter in a natal horoscope. This is the equivalent, alchemically speaking, of tin steeped in salt-ish tendencies, or as Roger Bacon says, “but red inwardly.” Bacon suggests that all that is needed to sublimate the finer tendencies within this center is “decoction,” or prolonged meditation. Meditation turns sulphur toward Argent Vive in ALL the metals.

Of the Nature of Lead


Lead is an unclean and imperfect body, engendered of ARGENT-VIVE impure, not fixed, earth and dross, being somewhat white outwardly, but red inwardly, and of such a SULPHUR in part burning. It has not purity, fixation, color, and firing.


       The alchemical metal lead is equivalent to the Muladhara chakra of the yogis and the Saturn force center of esoteric astrology. The following three metals: Lead, Copper, and Iron are very important forces centers. Commentary on these three calls for another adept's insight into their natures. The mysterious Basil Valentine subsequently described these three force centers in the 1500s, 250 years after Bacon. His word choices are slightly different, but rather similar in spirit with Bacon. He wrote of Lead: “Saturn (Lead) is generated of little Sulphur, little Salt and much gross, unripe Mercury.”


       Both sages agree that the Mercury, or Argent Vive, (super-conscious) expression through this chakra is “unripe, impure, gross and dross.” The Saturn Center or Metal in the normal human is of an energy that is mainly concerned with practical, materialistic manifestations. The survival instinct is priority, especially so through those centuries of both authors. Survival is not that less instinctual in these current times, it would appear. For this center to express super-consciousness as a positive influence calls for a combination from the other two, Copper and Iron, to turn Lead. In Lead self-consciousness (sulphur) tends to focus on the sub-conscious (salt) needs for sheer survival where food, shelter, and safety are the primary issues. “Me first!” is the most important.

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