Not Merely Darwinism!

Revised: January 2020


       If your curiosity has led you thus far into this web site, maybe even having read some of the other content, then perhaps you are by now familiar with the Qabalistic Third Veil of the Absolute. AIN SUPh AUR, אין סוף אור, the Limitless Light, is that Third Veil. Or you can check the Glossary section in the above menu bar, and then click on Ain Suph Aur. Qabalists teach, as did most of the ancient schools in esoterica, that this invisible liquid ocean of Living, Loving Light is the actual root material of all galaxies and therefore of the entire Universe that we can ever hope to discover. Subsequently the very essential material of our planet Earth, at its molecular level, nay, even its atomic level and infinitesimally smaller yet, is the mind-stuff of our Creator. The invisible Limitless Light's Essence is Triune. Inherent within Its composition are three all-pervading, root qualities: Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence simultaneously in the One Liquid-Light Substance.

       This triune characteristic of the One, All-Consciousness is taught in all the major philosophies and religions albeit under myriad names and titles. Several are mentioned within this web site. For our purposes here, however, the above Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence can be equated with Intelligence, Animation, and Substance, respectively. Where the All-Consciousness is concerned we cannot effectively separate any one of Its triune modes and isolate it. The three within the One are always inseparable. Equally true it is that any two of the modes must need the third mode in any given situation. If Intelligence is coupled with the ability of Animation, it must have a Substantive mass (a body of some sort) for locomotion. This is true if the body is merely an amoeba or an ethereal spirit. The spirit still has a substantive body however thinly defined.

       Intelligence with Animation would need Substance, a body mass. Animation with Substance would need Intelligence, and Substance with Intelligence would require Animation. All three the One, All-Consciousness possesses inherently. Those objects seemingly devoid one or two of the above characteristics do actually possess them latent. The Christ Incarnate, within the personality vehicle of the Master, Jesus, even declared such with His answer to the Pharisees in Luke 19:40. The Divine Essence is absolutely complete in Itself. When the black hole (or perhaps a 'white hole') at the center of our galaxy poured forth this Prima Materia to form suns and planets, our physical planet Earth eventually evolved its own primal elements of fire, water, atmosphere, and mineral dust; all originally rooted in that One Light Substance. It would follow, therefore, that the ancient wise from the world over teach us that this Triune Light Substance is One Thing. Furthermore, they teach that the Light Substance must always be pure, and even more so, Holy. They attest that the expression of this Light Substance in all physical worlds is its own multiplication through an endless variety of forms. And since all forms are built upon earlier forms rooted back to that original Source Material, it stands self-evident that you and I, we, all of us together, are the temporal culmination of that form building Substance. Human beings are fundamentally that very Light Substance incarnate. This the All-Consciousness did out of Its Own necessity for creation.

       This is utterly unlike Darwin's theoretical conclusions in his Origin of Species. Life and Its evolution did not come about by random selection, as Darwin concluded, or that species emerged through forces dictating survival of the fittest individual. Darwin did believe in a God. But he also concluded through his researches that chance was behind evolution. Personally I do not understand how he could have reconciled the two. I surmise that he could not then have conceived of the possibility that all of creation, even its tiniest seemingly inorganic minutia, is the Triune-God Itself.

       Darwin got all the media press of the period. However, some decades before Darwin another biologist-turned-evolutionist, Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck, surmised an 'intuitive cooperation' between and among organisms, and that they may pass on information to successive generations. His evolution theory was based on adaptive necessity rather than on survival of the fittest. He was far ahead of Darwin but passed over. He was even deemed heretical by organized religion (where have we seen this before?) for proposing humans could eventually have evolved from the lower life forms.


       And today we have the Ancient Alien Astronaut theorists proposing that human-kind had probably been seeded on this planet from aliens traveling through the cosmos in various space craft. I am wondering why religionists do not consider these guys heretical.

       Be that as it may, advanced Qabalists teach that there are no separate life forms in this universe. It just appears that way. They are but varied modes of just One Life, all aspects of it intimately connected! The adaptation and evolution of the varied aspects of Itself are driven by an intrinsic desire, an inherent impulse of creativity. The erudite are still spitting into the wind with science by declaring these truths, however. The highest life forms roaming the planet now are classified by the anthropological sciences as Homo Sapiens Sapiens, “Man Aware of being Aware.” This class is supposed to be cognizant of being aware of something, perhaps spiritually, larger or higher than his mere self; aware of a Soul. We could argue this point endlessly given the media coverage of humanity's actions in current planetary events. However, it is true. The vanguards of this present wave of humanity are indeed aware of an indwelling Soul and of Divine Influence throughout our galactic environment and the overall universal evolution; not ancient alien astronauts. There just does not seem to be enough of the human vanguard at this point in our local history to influence effectively the laggard masses hell-bent on our selfish insanity, greed and, well, stupidity.

       Personally I am convinced that the classification of Homo Sapiens (wise man), preceding the classification Homo Sapiens Sapiens according to anthropologists and paleontologists, is a misnomer. I fail to see any real evidence that human evolution from the Neanderthal period to the present day has in any way been 'wise'. I see him as 'clever, cunning and conniving,' but hardly wise. I understand 'wisdom' to imply knowledge, judgement, and an ability to foresee the future consequences from present actions. Perhaps this (our) group should be re-named Homo Callidus, “Man Clever, Manipulative.” And that the present wave of humanity is only just coming into the Homo Sapiens genre. But I am not a biologist, anthropologist or a paleontologist, so what do I know. I would like to title this present wave of generic humanity Homo Dodo, but perhaps this would be insulting to that hapless extinct species. Maybe Homo Dufus would be more exact.

       Perhaps the next, official classification of life-forms (Homo Divinitatis? Spiritualis? Universalis?) may prove sufficiently influential to turn the tide permanently. This next classification of hominids(?) humanoids(?) homunculi(?) would most certainly be aware that All is One Life at the cellular and even the mineral level. He would be aware that the very cells within his own body vehicle are intelligent, may receive instruction, are communicable, and able to pass on information to other cells and to the next generation of cell reproduction.

       If this would be true, then the Consciousness residing within that body vehicle, at that level, would acquiesce to the intelligent selection of light, water, air and food. This new, deliberate attitude would be entirely opposed the current (wise?) choices based on subconscious habit patterns of conspicuous consumption rooted in base, dumb, appetite desires.

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