O, Ayin, ע


       Ayin, ע, transcribed as 'O' and sometimes as 'A' with numeration 70, means 'eye.' The numeration of the whole letter-name עין is 130, and spelled out in plenitude, עין יוד נון, OIN YUD NUN, equals 256. Qabalists assign Ayin to the Devil Tarot Key, and on the Tree of Life to the twenty-sixth path connecting the sixth sphere, Tiphareth (the One Ego), to the eighth sphere, Hod (Intellect). This path is called שכל מחודש, Saykel Mahkodesh, the 'Renewing Intelligence,' and through it, Qabalists teach, the creative imagery flows from the One-Ego, renewing the intellect of mankind. Dr. A.E.Waite comments on this path: "...for thereby God renews all which is capable of renovation in the creation of the world."


       Collectively renewal is considered a Devil when it flies into the face of sacrosanct convention. At the personal level renewal assumes the guise of a Devil when it thwarts our selfish plan and progress toward what we thought we needed and desired for ourselves. This devilish aspect of the One-Life forces our intellects to look deeper into the nature of the problems confronting our progress. Most often we are barred advancement due to the selfish, separative nature of our designs. If, through closer scrutiny, we come to understand that we do nothing of ourselves, and that all our actions involve all other parts of One Life, we are led to discover the root of the hindrance.


       In Scriptures it is written: “The Eye of the Lord is in every place.” Every living portion of the universe is an aspect of the One. When any individualization of the One-Thing perceives, perception is recorded and stored in what Dr. C. G. Jung described as the collective unconscious, the universal subconscious mind. Through expanded awareness, all these thoughts, ideas and visions from all life, incarnate and discarnate, from the dawn of creation through the future, may be selected and read from the Astral Light. Some call this the Akashic Records. No one really escapes being 'seen' by others sufficiently aware and capable of reading the Akashic Substance. If a thought or action is created, the image or deed is recorded by the very individual thinking or doing. The impression is recorded within the Universal Memory just like every thought or deed we ever had is in our 'personal' memory. This is true of any action whatever, wherever.


       Conversely it is also unnecessary to boast about or regurgitate any beneficent deeds performed by us for our self aggrandizement. These are also in Akasha. The One-Life's impeccable memory records all the progressive sequences of Its own evolution. The physical world is a Devil to many, but “the Eye doth deceive.” Our world appears as innumerable separated objects, populated by individual warring factions with no sense cohesive. Such is not actually the case, however. The fullest expression of our physical perception, suggested by the plenitude spelling of Ayin at 256, equals the Latin Rosicrucian phrase: “Argentum vivum album fixum,” The 'Fixed White Living Silver'. All we may possibly experience through the five physical senses is, in truth, varied expressions of just ONE SUBSTANCE. It is the coagulated, fixed, 'solidified' Universal Subconscious Mind Matter all sages through history have called the First Matter. It appears as the myriad objects through the tools of our senses. It does not appear any differently to one who is aware and sees in this physical world. A Master just knows better. An Adept knows this 'mind matter' is One Matter formed into the many by the One-Life’s image making faculty from Chokmah, AB, the Father.


       Adepts, through their evolutionary progress by Art, share conscious participation with God’s imagination. The One Substance is of One God, appearing as the Devil to the immature and misinformed, but the twenty-sixth path of the Renewing Intelligence is the number of יהוה, Tetragrammaton, Jehovah.

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