Oiliness of the Earth


       A lengthy description of the First Matter is presented in The Secret Symbols, Part II, on page 9. Some Qabalah scholars consider this the most important description of the Great Work. On the page titled “Mercurius de Mercurio,” the paragraph begins: “The Dew of Heaven and the Oiliness of the Earth are the materials for our work.”


       The Dew of Heaven is explained elsewhere in this site. It is shown there that the Hebrew word for 'oil' is שמן, shemen, containing letter value 390. To what is explained there could be added here that by Theosophical Reduction 390 reduces to 12. This is an important number in alchemy as one number of completion. The twelfth Tarot Key, The Hanged Man, is the pictorial of a certain state of awareness attributed Adeptship.


       By Latin Cabala Simplex, oleum, 'oil' totals 58. This is the same number of the Hebrew חן, khen, 'grace,' but Qabalists teach it is also the two-letter Notariqon for Chokmah Nesethrah, 'Secret Wisdom.' The suggestions would seem to point to the 'Oiliness of the Earth,' added to Universal Mercury (the Dew), is a most important ingredient toward receiving the Grace necessary to comprehend the Secret Wisdom that eventually exalts us to the state of consciousness considered Adept.


       Paracelsus gives us the exact same advice as the quotation above approximately 200 years before the Secret Symbols: “The Blood of the Red Lion and the Gluten of the White Eagle is sufficient for our work.”


       'Oiliness of the Earth,' or 'Blood of the Red Lion,' and 'Oil of Antimony' are all the same message. This is the oily, milky substance added into our blood stream from the intestinal region of “the bowels of the earth.” The ability to extract and to use an extra abundance of this precious oil comes to us through the Grace of God, Almighty, as reward for our desirous prayers and meditations. It aids us to receive Secret Wisdom by charging our physical cellular consciousness with sufficient Light Matter that allows us to comprehend the subsequent steps necessary to complete The Great Work.


       The milky, 'Oiliness of the Earth' is the first matter inside the Adept’s body (the Earth). It looks, to a degree, like the Universal First Matter equally diffused throughout creation: “As within, so without.” Other names for this omnipresent light substance outside the body are 'Gluten of the White Eagle' or 'Dew of Heaven.' To the inner senses of an adept, or to anyone who has received the Lightning Flash, it appears like dew, and as fatty, oily droplets of a supremely intelligent, all-loving, electro-magnetic radiant energy called simply, Light. Once we discover the Oil and the Dew, this one, same substance in different forms is actually the ONE and ONLY material necessary for the beginning, middle and end of The Work. Manipulation of Prima Materia, both inside and outside the physical body, is the Art of the Alchemist. Cross reference with ANTIMONY, DEW OF HEAVEN, GLUTEN OF THE EAGLE, CHYLUS and MANNA.

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