Revised: August 2019

       Baro Urbigerus advises us plainly in the sixth of his One Hundred Alchemical Aphorisms:

"When we call these operations ours, they are not at all to be understood according to the common operations of the sophisters of metals, whose industry consists only in disguising of subjects from their form, and their nature; but ours are really to transfigure our subject, yet conserving its nature, quality, and property."1


       When alchemical authors refer to our Mercury, our Glass or our Lead it is a direct reference to a personal attribute that belongs to one of our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. Our planets are the Chakras or Force Centers in the etheric/astral bodies. Our metals (Silver, Tin, etc.) are the base expressions through that part of our consciousness corresponding to the chakras needing purification, transmutation, and sublimation through the alchemical process. Physical laboratory alchemists never seem to want to believe this. They claim while spiritual alchemy is important, actual laboratory alchemy must be performed, paralleling the inner, to manufacture the Stone successfully. Others have proclaimed laboratory work a precursor to inner transmutations in that the elixirs and potions made first, help to heal the physical body in preparation for inner transmutations. Please know that NOTHING can be affected in the physical alchemical art unless the candidate becomes the True Living Stone – FIRST! None of the texts and manuscripts referenced on this site ever claim that part of The Art is to be performed in a physical laboratory before or during inner operations. The ONLY physical laboratory is our own physical body and the levels of consciousness within it. And the ONLY elements that are to be ingested into it are foods and liquids that nourish toward better health. We cannot concoct anything in a make-shift laboratory aiding this process that is not already available through naturopathy, homeopathy and/or simple wholesome foodstuffs. Yet some readers have taken these very cautions by the original authors to be blinds. Basement, garage or attic laboratories packed with test tubes, beakers, retorts, bottles of sea water or dew, Bunsen burners, and tins full of the 89-plus elements, are all a total waste of material, time and money. Over two hundred years ago we were advised again to the contrary by one, unknown philosopher in The Book of Alze:

"From what I have said you may gather that our substance is found in the gold which is hidden in Magnesia, and that it is ONE thing composed of sulphur from sulphur, and mercury from mercury. And as the substance of our Stone is one, so is the method of its preparation. Therefore, do not listen to those ignorant and fraudulent alchemists who speak of many different kinds of sublimation and distillation. Turn a deaf ear to those who say that the substance of our Stone is the powder of the Basilisk. Our substance is a body containing the spirit which makes glass malleable, and turns crystals into carbuncles. One drop of our Elixir will suffice to tinge and transmute a body a thousand times as large as itself."2


       All genuine sage Alchemists make clear this point in some way in all their written works. That the physical laboratory myth continues into the twenty-first century is an arcanus magnus in itself. Only the Christ level of our consciousness, within, can make the Stone. See BASE METALS for cross reference.

       Now, there is another, more profound level to this business of ‘ours’. However, this awareness comes upon those who have taken this Art to extremes of realization. A realization that is awarded to those who have persevered through all the ridiculous writings and physical implementations from pseudo seekers and outright deceivers selling their junk paraphernalia. None of these fore-named parties will be able to attest to this. And that is, ultimately, there is no ‘our’ at the end of this Path. The ‘our’ hinted by various, genuine artists and philosophers through history is a most accurate aphorism for the ardent beginners on this journey. If they persist, and see into the message behind the messages, and finally are given the Grace from within for their efforts, then comes the Golden Dawn of Awareness which proves beyond all doubt the illusion of ‘our’ and ‘self’. All that we have considered ‘ours’ and ‘mine’ are dissolved for eternity. We then come to the certain knowledge that there is but ONE Consciousness working through this illusionary sense of ‘us’. A very necessary illusion we come to know is true and within which we will work. We do NOT own our thoughts, our feelings, our ego, or anything else we might assign the possessive case. We will hold the entire pseudo sense of ‘our’ physical life in a sort of trust. We will be free of all that delusion and live the Life Eternal throughout creation, working with unbelievable joy toward the ultimate goal of Universal Evolution. This is a fact. So then, what can one make in a laboratory to do that?

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