Philosophers' Stone


       Complete manufacture of Lapis Philosophorum is the sum total and end of the Great Work. It is wholly an interior process. This cannot be stressed quite often enough. When the Interior Stone is completed inside the body of an Adept, it augments and multiplies reinforcement throughout the physical body at the cellular level. In his Alchemical Catechism, Paracelsus teaches:

"Question: What is the object of research of the Philosophers?

Answer: Proficiency in the art of perfecting what Nature left imperfect in the mineral kingdom, and the attainment of the treasure of the Philosophical Stone.

Q. What is this Stone?

A. The Stone is nothing else than the radical humidity of the elements, perfectly purified and educed into a sovereign fixation, which causes it to perform such great things for health, life being resident exclusively in the humid radical.

Q. In what does the secret of accomplishing this admirable work consist?

A. It consists in knowing how to educe from potentiality into activity the innate warmth, or the fire of Nature, which is enclosed in the center of the radical humidity."1


       When we have learned to draw out, to draw from, to elicit or to 'educe' the Matter from the Universal Consciousness, and imbue that substance into 'personal' consciousness, the entire body then becomes the Living Stone. “Mercurius de Mercurio,” advise Rosicrucians, "Mercury from Mercury." When all seven of our metals are made Mercury, they match Universal Mercury. Mercurius de Mercurio and Lapis Philosophorum each sums to 216. Such a realized being has what appears to the natural human, magical and phenomenal control over the material universe. Such an Adept may even manufacture an actual, tangible stone (as has been done in the past) with which to transmute physical metals and cure diseases for demonstrative purposes.


       Unfortunately throughout the history of the alchemical drama we have heard and read more about the existence of the physical stone than of the successful regeneration and transmutation of human personality who was responsible for its manufacture. Or so it would seem to all save the True Alchemists, who actually wrote of nothing other than the interior transmutation process. Too many greedy individuals read and misunderstand the cryptic manuscripts and become blinded by visions of material gold and physical immortality. However, once we attain that level of Consciousness to become the Living Stone, we will find no need for immortality and wealth. Such an Adept is eternal wealth. Truth be told, the external, physical material has been manufactured and used in the past, and even presently, in very rare circumstances. Sometimes the material has fallen into wrong hands by gift or by theft. Thus the stories of its existence spilled into the general populace and spread world-wide like a bad National Enquirer headline. Pseudo intelligentsia from any period or country scoffed even at the possibility of such a stone to actually exist. The ignorant greedily hastened to duplicate the process in actual physical laboratories kept secret from others like-minded. The very idea of gathering equipment for a physical laboratory is proof positive that the consciousness so motivated is not yet ready to take up the Great Work seriously.


       So the secret will forever remain obscure to all but those who can read and perceive with the spiritual eye only, and who have no designs in their hearts or minds for making any tangible stone. The fact of the matter is that manufacture of such a stone is the least power of one so adept. When The Work is completed in the inner body-laboratory, through the sole Grace of God Almighty, one may, if one wishes, make the external, physical substance. Even then, laboratories packed with the chemist's standard equipment will not be necessary. If you own any such equipment, sell it all. In Baro Urbigerus’ words:

"No true adept or perfect artist can deny, but that the whole work of the great elixir, may from the very beginning to the end, be performed in one only furnace, in one only sort of vessel, and by one only person alone, at a very small charge. We do with all true philosophers assure you, that all things necessary for our philosophical work, besides the fuel, vessels, and some few instruments belonging to the furnace, are to be purchased for less than the expense of one single guinea, and that every where, and at all times of the year."2


       The “vessels and instruments belonging to the furnace” need not be purchased AT ALL since these are the interior glands and organs within the body. You could get a lot of food for less than a guinea in Urbigerus' period. The actual Philosophers' Stone is the full maturation of the pineal gland into a cubic crystal. That's the truth. Please refer to TRANSPARENT STONE, LIVING STONE, ATHANOR, and RETORT as cross references.

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