From Secret Teachings of All Ages Manly Palmer Hall wrote in the chapter, ‘Isis, the Virgin of the World’:

"White, yellow and red signify the three principle colors of the alchemical, Hermetic, universal medicine after the blackness of its putrefaction is over."1


       Pingala, a yogic term, is the exact equivalent to the alchemical and Hebraic 'Rose of Sharon' described in the Song of Songs. Pingala, Rose, and Sulphur are various terms for the red, positive, masculine, active agent coiled at the spinal base. The white, negative, feminine, passive, and patient corresponds to Mercury, Ida, and the 'Lily of the Valley'. These are the Right and Left halves of all nerves in the sympathetic nervous system.


       The yellow Universal Medicine, the Gold of the alchemists, is the central force-current, Sushumna, raised solely by the Grace of God. The three (red, white and yellow) are also known as the 'Flowers' in alchemical writings. Flores Sulfuris, the 'Flowers of Sulphur,' sums to 180, as does עינים, aynaiyim, 'eyes.' Sure enough, when Kundalini Flowers rise, it is the inner vision that is rewarded the spectacle of the Ocean of Awareness. The root of our vision is the medulla oblongata now stimulated by the Serpent Power. When we have sufficiently prepared the physical cells and blood of the body temple – the only laboratory – and we have meditated and prayed ardently for this inner Divine Gift, we may with certainty harvest the bouquet, Flores Sulfuris, in His good time. Cross reference with IDA, SURYA and RAYI.

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1 Hall, Manly Palmer, The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Los Angeles: Philosophical Research Society, 1977 ed., pg. 46, bot, rt