Plate IV - The Third Treatise

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     As the Splendor Solis manuscript is pared down into seven distinct parts, or Treatises, this Third Treatise is again pared down into seven distinct ‘parables’. Thus, Plate IV here, is the synthesis of all those parables to follow. There is little explanation surrounding this plate as it is actually the end of the Work. The author quotes Hermes: “It is indeed needed that at the End of this World, Heaven and Earth should meet and come home.” It is a perfectly succinct explanation of the plate. When Hermes speaks of “...the End of this World...” he is alluding to the eventual ‘last death’ and passing of the residing consciousness in its final, mandatory physical incarnation. The Alchemical Great Work must be accomplished (needed, reads the quotation) in the physical world in a physical body through its final incarnation. Unlike all the previous deaths we all have gone through, this last death is not a natural process. A Master’s body is brought on through the action of Spiritual Fire by intelligent and artful direction of the Secret Fire of the Alchemists. Thus, in the plate we see the ‘king in red’ standing in a nest of flames, which upon closer inspection, appears very much like the flaming Phoenix. He is the Renewed Self-consciousness.

     “Heaven and Earth should meet and come home” is Tiphareth and Malkuth, מלך, malek, ‘King’ and מלכה, malechah, ‘Queen’, that is, the Christ-Consciousness into the body-vehicle. Malkuth is often referred to as the ‘bride’ and/or the ‘Queen’. She stands upon a globe, which symbolizes the Earth, yet another name for Malkuth since after this Union the entire planet is now our body. 

     The picture shows the final Conjunctio of the ‘renewed’ Self-consciousness with Subconsciousness as ONE, and united with The Christ Consciousness. Having completed its last sojourn in the physical, it has evolved from this plane of dense vibrations. No longer is there the necessity for any additional earthly reincarnations. However, one may choose to do so without the required physical birth. A Master may enter the physical by choice, most usually for the purpose of serving humanity.

     Bordering the very top of the picture is the motto: Particularia, ‘the particulars’. One might say this could be the apt title of the entire Third Treatise. Bordering the very bottom of the illustration is the phrase: Via Universalis, Particularibus Inclusis, "The Way to the Universal, the Particulars Included". This alludes to the Seven Parables following.

     Within the picture, exalted Self-consciousness in red, holds a banner with the words Coagula Masculinum; ‘coalesce, or unify, the masculine’. Having overcome the false sense of personal independence, with all its attendant aberrations, the Self-conscious higher Intellect is now complete, radiating the Christ level of Consciousness (Tiphareth through Hod), and fulfilling the very title of this manuscript, The Splendor of the Sun (Son). The Latin Gematria of Coagula Masculinum sums to 166, that of עליון, oliun, ‘The Most High’ (one name for Kether, which the Christ Consciousness reflects in Tiphareth). Two other Latin expressions from Rosicrucian manuscripts sum to 166: Dominus Noster, ‘Our Lord’, and in Jesu Morimur, ‘in Jesus we die’, which refers to the mystical death of the old personality into Tiphareth.

     All this was accomplished by no small participation of Subconsciousness. She holds her right hand over her abdominal, intestinal region. In the “Explanatory Notes” by J. K. (Mr. Julius Kohn) concerning this Plate, he notes the banner in her grasp spelling out the Latin term Lac Virginis. But, upon closer inspection, even in this reduced representation, the banner actually spells out Lac Viramium. I could find no exacting translation of this Medieval Latin form except for the loosely transliterated ‘seen, or realized, by milk’. This makes perfect sense in that the exalted consciousness actually becomes ‘realized’ through the extra amounts of Lac Virginis into the sanguinary system, enhancing the pineal gland into maturity. Either way, Lac Viramium or Lac Virginis, is the key additive injected by the subconscious for confection of the Stone by Art. A detailed explanation of Lac Virginis is dealt with from the Glossary within this site.

     This odd spelling on the banner, however, leads one much further into Qabalistic esoterica than first meets the eye. I believe the commentator, J. K., surely must have been aware of this spelling. He either did not know what to make of it, or he deliberately perpetuated the secret by proffering Lac Virginis instead. This leads the reader to speculate on one’s own. But this is not merely ‘subjective’ speculation, as many intellectuals and mainstream psychologist commentators would have us believe. When faced with an enigma of obscure terms, especially in Hebrew, Greek or Latin, we first go directly to gematria. By the Latin Cabala Simplex Lac Viramium sums to 109, which equals Vas Naturae, the ‘Vase of Nature’. This ‘vase’ or ‘vessel’ alludes directly to Binah on the Macrocosmic, and to the ‘personal’ Subconsciousness (Yesod) within the Microcosmic. This is borne out from the descriptions of so many sages and philosophers who have actually witnessed, internally, the vast liquid-light ocean of sparkling milk as the Root Substance comprising all created forms. Also summing to 109 is Aqua Spherica, ‘spherical water’, another name given for the First Matter, Alchemical Mercury. Aqua Spherica is to be revisited as this catapults us into the First Parable under this Third Treatise.

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