Plate VI - The Other Parable

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Revised: June 2021. The initial oddity of Plate VI would seem be its title. Six of the seven parables are numbered, but after “The First Parable” is “The Other”. Since the upper portion of Plate V is primarily themed with ‘meditation’, it would seem Plate VI here is continuing along this line. Those of us with any degree of experience with the meditation process would have to agree that the beginning effort is primarily concerned with calming, quieting and ridding the mind of its perpetual internal dialogues. This takes consistent, concerted practice over a period. If having somewhat accomplished that level through considerable efforts, we may be drawn deeper. Hence, the other challenges depicted here.

     Central to this illustration is the Tree of Life. The Golden Crown at the trunk’s base is Kether. This makes the branch foliage at the top Yesod, the Foundation. This reversed representation of the Tree confirms the assignment of Yesod being the Foundation of the Conscious Mind in its physical vehicle of sensations and of all that which is without. Yesod is NOT the Foundation of the other eight Sephiroth above it when the Tree is in its normally familiar presentation. Malkuth, the tenth Sphere, represents the Conscious Life in this world of 3-dimensional space, time and material forms.

     Yesod is the next inner level, the automatic consciousness, or Subconscious. It, then, is truly ‘The Other’ most immediate level of conscious awareness. The psychological sciences tell us that this level within us is the store-house of all we have ever thought, felt or experienced throughout this life. And that its accrued data perpetually influences our current thoughts and actions for better or worse. The esoteric knowledge of the sages throughout history have taught their aspirants that this ‘store-house’ goes far deeper than the psychological community is able to access.

     In Qabalah the Subconscious level is that which is designated by the term Yetzirah, the World of Formation, which forms the basis of our physical lives in Assiah. It also borders on the Super-conscious at its other boundary. However, to access that Super-conscious level we must first clear, as best possible, that level of consciousness, that ‘sub’ level, of all the accumulated ‘dross’ not only from our present so-called ‘personal’ life, but also the influences from the race consciousness of this incarnation, and from all our previous incarnations included. Fortunately we receive help with those profound depths if we are persistent with our aspirations.

     The scripted portion of this Parable begins with the “Water of the Air”, which is Solar Prana, the “Life of everything” in our world. Solar Prana also called 'Dew of Heaven'. The author continues with the virtues of this Water, then moves on to the Tree.

     The various inconsequential birds representing our Yetziratic thoughts are disbursed and fleeing, calming the conscious mind somewhat in meditation. The only bird remaining is the White-headed Raven. The Raven (aka, The Black Crow) has been called the ‘Door of the Art’. It refers to Binah as the aperture of Radiant Darkness from whence all proceeds into manifestation. Binah is also the Great Deep beyond the ‘personal’ Subconscious depths represented by Yesod as the top of the Tree in the illustration. And this is what the 'White-headed Raven' represents, the Great Deep of Universal consciousness beyond the depths of the Subconscious. From the Latin Cabala Simplex the ‘White Raven Head’ is Corvus Albus Caput. These letters sum up to 191. This equates with Sanctum Sanctorum, ‘the Holy of Holies’, the Cubical room within Solomon’s Temple, and the Central Point of the Cube of Space. Within our physical orgaism, however, it is the full maturation of the pineal body and the aperture into eternal conscious immortality. The ‘Road Within’ towards that depth is personified by this White-headed Raven atop the Tree. The conclusion need not be elaborated here.

     The seven rungs of the ladder represent the seven force-centers, Chakras, inner Planets or ‘Metals’ of the Alchemists. These must be activated, balanced and coordinated with each other to turn the Raven’s Head White. Dressed in black (Tamas Guna) the male (conscious mind) atop the two uppermost rungs (the Mercury and Silver Chakras) is attempting to clear some of the Tamas Guna dross in Yesod.

     Protracted study and meditations into the Tree of Life produce and gather “three kinds of Fruit” (from the written portion of the Parable):

     1) “Pearls” is margaritas and sums to 97 in Latin. Nola sucina, at 97, is ‘amber bell’, the maturing pineal body. And, ‘the very finest Pearls’ in Latin is fulvo nimis margaritas, summing to 222. This equals אוריה, Uriah, ‘Light of Wisdom’; and aqua philosophorum, ‘the Water of the Philosophers’.

     2) “Terra Foliata”, ‘perfumed or scented Earth’, a fragrance rising from within accompanying a profound meditation. This sums to 114, that of מדע, maduo, ‘science, or knowledge’ derived from the Hidden Science of Qabalah.

     And 3) “the very purest Gold” is an obvious reference to Tiphareth. The Gematria ventures all over the place with these variations: ‘Pure Gold’, aurum purum at 145; ‘Most pure Gold’, aurum purissimum, at 208; ‘Purest Gold’, ex auro purissima, at 199; and ‘very purest Gold’, ipsum ex auro purissimo, at 269. Developing each of these would be distracting here. The numbers given allows the reader personal research. This renders far more insight over merely reading about it.

     Lunatica sums to 73, that of חכמה, Chokmah (Wisdom) and Berissa sums to 67, that of בינה, Binah (Understanding). The “root is a Metallic Earth” is Kether.

     Those branches clear of petty thought or dross become worthy enough to be presented to the deeper levels represented by the Sages and Masters whose consciousness dwells between those levels of Yesod and The Crown. This is from whence comes our help; the Christ level of Consciousness, working toward us, outward/downward, as we aspire upward/inward toward Him. Notice the ‘Black Work’ (young man on ladder) ‘White Work’ (middle-aged man in outer white robe) and the ‘Red Work’(sage man in outer red robe).


     Within the panel below the main picture is a representation of the very deep levels of Subconsciousness, personified by the four women in the Bath. They are slowly being purified by our meditations with the help of the Christ Consciousness in the Qabalistic Four Worlds. They are being attended by the women representing Rajas Guna (Red/Sulfur) together with Sattva Guna (Yellow/Mercury) in the Metal, Silver (Moon Chakra, the subconscious); making “Mercury of Silver”, alchemically speaking. As long as these two modes within Subconsciousness are bound together progression on The Path is assured. The inconsequential aspects of the Self and Subconscious mental modes (the men and women gathered around, gawking at the central scene), have no direct bearing on the principal operation. This portion of the picture has been edited out of the reduced image here. One can ponder them from the original manuscript if so wished. Again, please download the entire manuscript from the Net. It's worth it.

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