Plate X - The Sixth Parable

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     Following the Conjunctio of self- and subconsciousness in Plate IX is the Stage of Putrefaction; the utter ‘death’ of the personality consciousness in its heretofore physical personality vehicle. It is not always an actual physical death, except with some rare cases. The New Order of Awareness is called resurrection, to ‘rise again’. Such an increased level of energy and vibration cannot be formulated in that ‘old body-vehicle’. The present psychological community’s ideas and conceptions of ‘personality’ held within the generic human must be completely decomposed as symbolized in the illustration. Those of us who have experienced a genuine and protracted Near Death Experience (NDE) understand the reality behind that representation in Plate IX.

     From The Divine Pymander of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus (that mysterious and illusive adept of all adepts appears again here) in the 8th Book of XVII Books composing the Pymander; the 8th Book is subtitled: That The Greatest Evil In Man Is The Not Knowing God

Verse 6: “For he (God) cannot be heard with ears, nor seen with eyes, nor expressed in words; but only in mind and heart.”

Verse 7: “But first thou must tear to pieces, and break through the garment thou wearest, the web of Ignorance; the foundation of all Mischief; the bond of Corruption; the dark Coverture; the living Death; the sensible Carcass; the Sepulcher, carried about with us; the domestical Thief, which in what he loves us, hates us, envies us.”   

Verse 8: “Such is the hurtful Apparel, wherewith thou art clothed, which draws and pulls thee downward by its own self, lest looking upward and seeing the beauty of Truth, and the Good that is reposed therein, thou shouldst hate the wickedness of this Garment, and understand the traps and ambushes which it hath laid for thee.”

     A bit on the harsh side, wouldn’t you say? But things were more strict and exacting back in the day.

     The Spiritual Fire from the levels of the Father described as Kether, Chokmah and Binah (3 Crowns) in Plate VII is akin to the Plutonian Fires of Tarot’s Judgement Key.

     It is actual, though commonly represented in many alchemical woodcuts and prints as we see here. It harks to the state of the physical body no longer being and doing as the average human being. It is the fullest and final surrender of all that. The newly Reborn consciousness, now residing within said body no longer behaves in the separative manner as before when the separative ego was driving and steering the body-chariot. It is now a vehicle of The Most High.


     The Specter of Death depicted here holds the ‘golden’ head, separated from its useless, outworn carcass. The golden hue represents the Ego, which the carcass once believed to be its own, personally. The True Ego within us, the Christ of Tiphareth, cannot die. It is the True Son of the Father. He will return in a totally renewed vehicle that may be the same just abandoned, or a new Chariot entirely. Regardless, if it is the same body as before, it will be so renewed with health and vigor as to be considered reborn, which it duly will be. Our enlightenment and rebirth does NOT destroy the illusion of being a separate personality from others in our physical world. We will no longer behave in a manner that is dictated to by the illusion that was always there since the beginning. We simply will KNOW better than to surrender to any of the accompanying delusions again.

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