Plate XV – The Fourth Treatise, Fourthly

Plate XV.png

     Here is the pictorial representation of the Metal Gold, the Inner Holy Planet Sun, and the Anahata Chakra of the Yogis. This Chakra stands in the fourth and central position of the Seven Chakras that began with the Saturn Center, ‘Firstly’. And, this Fourth Treatise is positioned central in relation to the Seven Treatises comprising the manuscript. It is the Heart of the Art and the entire opus; The Christ Consciousness at the Heart of each of us.


     According to esoteric doctrines rooted from both the East and West, there is a set procedure regarding the safe and effective method with arousing these seven centers. The descriptive arrangement presented here does not reflect nor conform with any of those esoteric doctrines. The actual forces through these centers may be aroused and activated in a certain order by meditation together with sound vibrations and color imagery. These directly affect the cellular consciousness in a healthy and safe manner.

     The Charioteer in the panel above the retort is a Kingly figure. Mr. Julius Kohn notes: “Before the King is a golden Sun aslant and on a level with his face, from or through whose influence, the King is enabled to radiate a golden emanation or halo all around.” The King is representing the Christ-Consciousness, the true driver of our body-vehicle. The Christ, Son of the Father-Creator, is the ONE TRUE EGO, the which is perpetually felt by human personality and is therefore adamantly believed to be a ‘personal’ attribute of that personality life.


The ‘pair of horses’ in the panel accent this; the Latin for which is bigas, as two pull a ‘chariot’, pictured in the panel. The term sums to 36, an important number in Qabalah due to its special inferences. 

     One is that 36 is the Theosophic Extension of 8, the number of the 8th Sphere, Hod (Splendor, on the Tree). This is the seat of the Intellect in Qabalah; thus, yet another inference behind the suggestive title of this manuscript.


     A Qabalistic term of significance here is ב-כחו, be-koakho, ‘by His power’, the suggestion being, once again, that it is the Self-conscious Intellect of Man that expresses the Power of the One Ego, the only actual power within us all. Experiment further for yourself with the numbers behind equus, ‘horse, at 75; and dos equos, ‘two horses’ at 103. The joy of discovery is yours.


     On the wheel, Mr. Kohn notes a “figure of Leo” which is difficult to discern. When early man began his heavenly observations with Astrology in Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, our Solar orb was divined to Rule Leo, the Heart of Summer; but in its Detriment in Aquarius, the Heart of Winter. While the Sun is Exalted in Aries, the Spring Equinox: it is in its Fall in Libra, the Fall Equinox.


     As for the Nature of Gold, our Heart Center, Roger Bacon records:

“Gold is a perfect body, engendered of ARGENT-VIVE pure, fixed, clear, red,

and of SULPHUR clean, fixed, red, not burning, and it wants nothing.”

     Because it is the Christ Center. This is not indicative of our current stance with maintaining, advancing and aggrandizing the ‘separative ego’. This is the deliberate purpose behind positing the Three-headed Dragon within this retort representing Metal Gold.


     We saw this first within Plate XIII with the three aves wrestling; colored Black, White and Red. Here, however, the three Black, White and Red heads are attached to the ONE body of a Dragon. For that is what the ‘separative ego’ is, sometimes represented by a Dragon, or a Lion, even a Lion-headed Serpent in alchemical etchings; or some other composite beast with mouth wide open and roaring.


     That is what our ‘separative’ ego actually is, a maniacal roaring beast! However, it is also this separative ego of ours that must do the actual work of passing through the ‘Stages of the Art’: the Black of Putrefaction, the White of Purification, and the Red of zealous Fire in Rejuvenation.


     For once the written portion coupled to this ‘Fourthly’ may make some genuine sense for the beginning aspirant with:

“FOURTHLY: The Heat cleanses that which is unclean. It throws off the mineral impurities and bad odors and

nourishes the Elixir. In mention of which HERMES advises: Separate the gross from the Subtle, the earth from the fire.

Whereof says ALPHIDIUS: The earth can be molten and becomes fire. Thereon says RHAZES: There are several

Purifications preceding the perfect preparation, namely, Mundification and Separation.”

     The colorful scene surrounding the central theme in this plate are vignettes of the governing astrological influences associated with flaunting a Separative Ego and its principal concerns with Sports, Royalty and Politics. But such ego posturing is by no means limited to these arenas of expression. There is not a single activity in our world that is not tainted by the Dragon of “I-Disease”. The “Beast 666” is alive and thriving as it has always been, bringing woes unto us, each and every one.

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