Plate XVII – The Fourth Treatise, Sixthly

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     We next come to the vessel symbolizing the Metal Quicksilver (or Mercury), the Holy Inner Planet Mercury, and the Sahasrara Chakra of the Eastern disciplines. It affects the pineal body in the center of the brain.


     The panel above the niche shows a cart with the Virgo symbol on the front wheel and the Gemini Twins on the rear. These are the astrological signs of the dual rulership by Mercury. Mercury is also exalted in Virgo.


     Riding in the cart is an elderly personage holding the Caduceus of Hermes, very likely the personification of Uranus. The figure radiates the powerful god-like aura indicative of the Super-conscious vibratory powers of the higher octave of Mercury.


     Roosters pull the cart. And here again, Solomon Trismosin drops a hint of something obscure. Gallus is the Latin for Rooster. Roosters are fabled for their quick alertness and their clarion call of the dawn. But the rooster does not actually wait until daybreak to commence crowing; it senses that day is about to begin, the first rays of the sun are soon to break the horizon. A rooster senses the imminent light from within the darkness, a unique endowment, and one description of an astute intellect that an exalted Mercury can very well display. This is also an analogy to the endowment of human wisdom. So it would not be all that surprising, then, to discover the Latin, gallus, ‘rooster’, totaling to 62, the same as the Gnostic Sophia, who stands for the perfect self-recollection and self-knowledge of the One Being. Sophia is the Latin ‘Wisdom’.

     As was done with the foxes under Mars, a curious aspirant might want to investigate duos gallos, ‘two roosters’, summing to 109; and par gallos, a ‘pair of roosters’, totaling 87. What surfaces?


     Within the cucurbit vessel stands a young Queenly figure, breasts exposed. This is a hint toward the ‘milk of a Virgin’. Moreover, the Queen’s right hand (Yod) rests on the digestive region of her torso, suggesting Lac Virginis, which gives sustenance of an entirely different, exalted nature. She stands bare-footed on the profile of a solar face. Lac Virginis is the same semen solare, ‘seed of the sun’, which is the prima materia, chyle, within each of us. Each of the three terms sums 112.


     It is also another hint, like the title of the manuscript itself, of the rightful office of the human Intellect as actually expressive of the One True Ego, Tiphareth; the exaltation of Mercury in Virgo.


     The double aura about the Queen tells us that the innermost yellow one is associated with the Mercury Force-center, the Sahasrara Chakra of the Self-conscious mind. It is closest because it is primary, giving inductive suggestions into the Subconscious deductive mind, thus the blue around the yellow. The induced suggestion is that of releasing extra amounts of the Precious Solar Gold into the sanguinary system. The two hues stand alone and separate from the rest of the chakras in that the two glands, the pineal and pituitary, are all that are necessary with this bit portion of The Work.


     At the top of the wand held in the Queen’s left hand is a figure of a generic human form. This is a miniature personification of Adam Quodman, whose image is held in the Creative Mind (the World of Briah in Qabalah) of the Creator.

     In the Mirror of Alchymy Roger Bacon oddly does not address the Three Modes within Quicksilver (Mercury). I sense that he might have felt it better not to go there, so avoided it entirely. Perhaps, from surely knowing that the human self-conscious intellect is the actual active expression of the One True Ego in the physical plane of name and form, he might not have felt qualified to analyze this Metal with any detail which might have been considered criticism of the Creator Himself. But this is pure conjecture on my part, one can hardly assess the personality motives of an individual who lived over 800 years ago. But it is curious that he does not assess the Three Modes in Mercury.


     Whatever Bacon may or may not have thought or said concerning Metal Quicksilver, he certainly must have known as all genuine esoterists have known, that our Force-center of the heart, the Anahata Chakra, also expresses Three Modes. Mr. Julius Kohn, having written the Introduction to this edition of Splendor Solis, ended his Introduction with…


“It is in Mercury of the Sun that the Wise seek.”

     This statement was looked at in the Preface.

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