Plate XXII – The Fifth Treatise, Part I, 4th Chapter

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     The end of the Great Work is the complete psycho-physiological transmutation of consciousness through the renewed body-vehicle expressing an entirely new personality. We learn the Art of using all the heretofore inaccessible, formative vibrations of the Universe to rebuild new body-vehicles for the purpose of expressing Super-conscious energies, thereby aiding with the evolution of all humanity.


     This last Stage is the Red Work, the work from the 6th Sphere, Tiphareth (Red Work of the Sun). Now, the final stage of the work takes the alchemist, with guidance from the True Ego, through the final processes toward the completion in the manufacture of the transmuting Stone; on to Union with the Father.


     The physical vehicle, having gone through the entire alchemical process, has now been sufficiently prepared on the self-conscious and subconscious levels to receive the energies and instructions from higher and finer vibratory emanations. The cellular life is prepared to absorb these more intense radiations.

     Illustrated here is the Intent of Purpose from the One Ego on the countenance of the Sun. The new holy city, Jerusalem, is come down out of heaven, set on a great and high mountain and posited directly opposite the diminutive settlement shown in Plate XIX. The New Jerusalem is described in Revelation 21 as a perfect crystal-clear cube. This is the 'Cube of Space', understood in Qabalistic literature as Ain Suph, אין סוף, 'no limit' or 'Limitless', the Second Veil of the Absolute. Our new awareness of ‘body’ is now the entire physical plane within limitless space, and not merely this planetary orb, or even this galaxy.

     Do we understand what this means, actually? In the next century the astrophysical sciences will have discovered galaxy after galaxy never ending. Yet all those discoveries will still be WITHIN the Limitless Space of Ain Suph. That is the area of the New Jerusalem, never ending.


     The renewed incarnate consciousness is in perfect vibratory equilibrium. The balanced state through the perfected personality is imbued with the quality of eternity which is actually attainable way before the state of perfected adeptship is affected.

     The Sun in Tiphareth expresses as the ‘Mercury of the Sages’ in Hod. Our sun, the day star of our solar system, is a concentration of self-conscious energy, and that energy is the ‘Mercury of the Sages’, which is concentrated in the One Ego in Tiphareth. The Ego, the ‘Mercury of the Sages, is the sphere of the Sun. For this is the reason on the Qabalistic Tree of Life the two Spheres, Tiphareth and Hod, show the reverse of their standard colors. On the Tree, the 6th Sphere, Tiphareth, is colored the yellow hue of Mercury, and Mercury the vice versa in orange. “It is in the Mercury of the Sun that the Wise seek”


     Through all those past incarnations as humans, when the Subconscious mode was totally dominated by the separative Self-conscious mind with its scheming selfishness, the world and all therein were perceived as competitive elements against our very survival.


     All that dissolves when the renewed Self- and Subconsciousness are in total equilibrium as One. All knowledge and instruction now comes to us by receiving inner guidance with all our operations because the affairs are not ours. They are the effects of those Solar and Lunar qualities held aloft by the Caduceus of Hermes, the Splendour of the Sun. No one can tell us or show us. We cannot read about it or study it. There simply are NO WORDS for it. Everything comes from deeper within.


     Every Sage and Philosopher has tried, and Solomon Trismosin is no exception with these words from the Fourth Chapter:

“The Fourth Chapter sheweth the last or fourth thing belonging to this water (Ain Suph Aur) which has been separated from the earth,

be again joined to the earth (the physical body-vehicle). The one thing must be done with the other, if the Stone is to be made perfect


The reason why all natural things are put together in a body is, that there may be a united composition.

In these last four Chapters is all contained wherewith the Philosophers have filled the whole world with innumerable books.”

     There is nothing that can be said or added to complement this.

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