Powder of Projection

Revised: June 2021


       Modern behavioral sciences as psychiatry, psychology and sociology are well aware of the term 'projection' as the act of an individual, thrusting upon another, the very symptoms or maladies that plague the source of the projection. In Spiritual Alchemy, projection holds the same meaning without the negative connotation. For what the True Alchemist projects has a positive, up-lifting, rewarding effect upon the fortunate recipient. The 'powder' is the subtle, inner, higher vibratory emanation from within the aura of an Adept. When a genuine Adept, Master or Yogi enters a room or gathering, all in the near vicinity are uplifted. This lift is not to be understood in the sense of mere good mood. The aura of a Master is so magnetized and charged with the Astral Light that all in the immediate circle are temporarily pulled into a higher awareness as a result of his own exalted consciousness. This should not be misconstrued as mere charisma. Devilishly deceptive individuals can be, and often are, highly charismatic. Today's religious and political arenas are fraught with charismatic personalities by the sack-full. Charisma indeed may be one of the characteristics of any Master of Wisdom. The lower type charisma of the egotistic celebrity is the effect of shear power from the personality level.


       The power of Alchemical Projection, however, is the result of perfect inner health and equilibrium, which will always manifest as internal and external beauty. The nearby recipient actually experiences genuine expanded states of wisdom, understanding and knowledge. An influx of Divine Light imbues the collective subconscious and auras of everyone in the vicinity. This has permanent effect. The attitudes and habit patterns of base metals are changed and attuned to the overall sanctity and unity of existence. This compels a metal, subconsciously, to change the life style in conformance to conscious cooperation toward The Great Work, or at least an adjustment in behavior and attitude. In a fictional Rosicrucian tale, Zanoni, it is said that Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton modeled the lead character after the Adept, Comte St. Germain. The Rosicrucian author was most knowledgeable in occult science. Part II, chapter 6, describes Zanoni's effects of Projection:

"Another circumstance was also beginning to be remarked, and spoke yet more in his commendation. Those with whom he principally associated – the dissipated, the thoughtless, the sinners and publicans of the more polished world – all appeared rapidly, yet insensibly to themselves, to awaken to purer thoughts and more regulated lives. Even Cetoxa, the prince of gallants, duelists and gamesters, was no longer the same man since the night of the singular events which he had related to Glyndon. The first trace of his reform was in his retirement from the gaming-houses; the next was his reconciliation with an hereditary enemy of his house...Nor when Cetoxa and his young companions were heard to speak of Zanoni, did it seem that this change had been brought about by any sober lectures or admonitions."1


       This was also The Christ's effect upon the Apostles or upon anyone else who happened into his immediate vicinity. By His presence their awareness was instantly accelerated and expanded to levels that otherwise would have taken years' meditation and study. A Master, Adept or perfected Yogi has the power to transmit the higher experience of the Inner Self to others. Merely by being in the presence, or in contact, or having a relationship with such a being is enough to be gradually pulled into the awareness of the Central Self.

       Advanced Qabalists through the ages aver that the ‘powder of projection’ that they speak of has nothing whatever to do with any sort of ‘magic dust’ or powder which may be dropped into a liquid or tossed into the air. It is actually an invisible beneficent ‘essence’ and an actual substance emanated from one who is in complete harmony, a Master of Compassion. The essence projected does actually have weight, so that it causes movement or vibration. It is Ain Suph Aur that is developed to a sufficient degree by the Adept so as to have the effect of beneficent good will toward all creatures and all manifestation. Giving out is directly proportional to receiving. This is to be learnt and developed way before reunion with the Christ Consciousness within us. The more we dedicate our lives to the giving on any level is to increase our reception of the same.


       The root of this spiritual energy, Qabalistically, is sourced in the second sphere Chokmah. Specifically, Qabalists name it כחמה, kachmah, which is a transposition of the same letters that spell Chokmah and hints the ‘power of formation’ (literally, ‘the power of what?). The Eastern disciplines name it Shakti, while many other teachings call it חיה, chiah, the Life Force. This spiritual force causes insights, spiritual growth and transformation almost spontaneously.   


       Great ones through history, from the world over, have projected this effect upon their inner circle of students. In turn, when the students were ready for ministry, they projected these influences upon more Metals. In turn, when candidates are ready to disseminate the oral wisdom teachings into the world, they are instructed to do so by a certain mathematical progression. They begin with a core of eight to twelve students who turn around and duplicate the projection. In the Eagle's Gift, the sixth book of Carlos Castaneda’s Yaqui teachings, the 'Rule of the Nagual' outlines the member structure originating with ten enlightened members. This expands to sixteen, and then if the personal power of the Nagual (an Adept in that tradition) permitted, other warriors could be added in multiples of four. The Secret White Brotherhood of Rosicrucians, symbolically headed by Brother C.R., is alleged to have a select core of eight. The Christ began with twelve Apostles. Ripley follows the suggestion of Roger Bacon, who wrote in The Root of the World:

"According to Rhasis, the proportion is thus to be computed. First multiply ten by ten, and its product is an hundred; again 100 by 10, and the product is a 1000; and a 1000 by 10, and the product will be 10,000. And this 10,000 being multiplied by 10, produce an 100,000; thus by consequence you may augment it, till it comes to number almost infinite."2


       Did this progression not occur with the advent and growth of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam? In the following paragraph of the above quotation, Bacon wrote of preparing impure metals. Readers unfamiliar may mistake them as laboratory minerals. Read between the lines with the mind's eye. Remember what is meant by a 'base metal.' Ripley also warns of projecting upon impure metals. Projection is an outer process, in the most subtle regions. Augmentation of an inner Stone is a process also called Multiplication. These may sound similar to Projection and consequently may be confusing to beginning miners.


        Now, as for the manufacture of an actual, physical Powder of Projection of alchemical yore. Is there such a thing? And can it be made? Yes! There is, and it is a possibility for an Adept! However, it cannot be accomplished unless the alchemist himself has already become the True Living Stone. And then s/he would have little reason to do so. For cross reference see BASE METAL and MULTIPLICATION.

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