In Raja-Yoga, Swami Vivekananda teaches concerning Prana:

"According to the philosophers of India, the universe is composed of two entities, one of which they call Akasa, and the other, Prana. Akasa is the all penetrating existence. Everything that has form, everything that is the result of combination, is evolved out of Akasa...By what power is Akasa manufactured in the universe? By the power of Prana. Just as Akasa is the infinite, omnipresent material of this universe, so is Prana the infinite, omnipresent manifesting power of this universe. At the beginning and at the end of a cycle all tangible objects resolve back into Akasa, and all the forces in the universe resolve back into Prana."1


       Prana and Akasa are Vedic terms. Western alchemy is often compared to eastern yoga. The power (energy), Prana, and the material (substance), Akasha, are the exact equivalents to Alchemical Sulphur and Alchemical Salt. The Vedic Prana of today is the modern scientists’ 'dark energy,' while Akasha is science’s 'dark matter.' Alchemically speaking, however, Sulphur is the vivifying power that gives evolutionary animation to forms. Salt is the cohesive quality of substantive forms. Sulphur and Salt are assigned respectively to Chokmah and Binah spheres on the Qabalistic Tree.


       Sulphur (Prana) is represented Qabalistically by Chokmah. The Wisdom sphere is AB (the Father), who contains חיה, kiah, the 'Life-Force.' Prana or kiah is distributed throughout our world in atmosphere. It comes to our world in solar rays. Prana Yoga is the art of being consciously aware of our every breath taking the solar substance into our cellular consciousness. Alchemical Sulphur or Prana is within the Air. “The wind carries it in its belly,” Hermes taught. Qabalists assign Alchemical Air to the first sphere, Kether the Crown, which alchemists equate with Universal Mercury. From the Crown emanate Wisdom and elemental Fire, borne upon the Air. Both Air and Fire fill the third sphere, Binah, Understanding, the Alchemical Water. Prana is the Life within the Heavenly Dew-like Substance of the alchemists. It is taken into the artificer’s bellows and co-mixed there with the blood containing Virgin's Milk, making Aurum Potabile. Thus we read in Splendor Solis, the Third Treatise:

"Hermes, the First Master of this Art, says as follows: ‘The Water of the Air, which is between Heaven and Earth, is the Life of everything; for by means of its Moisture and Warmth, it is the medium between the two opposites, as Fire and Water, and therefore it rains water on earth, Heaven has opened itself, and sent its Dew on Earth, making as sweet as honey, and moist.’"2


       The translation, while a bit rough, still makes the point perfectly clear. Lastly, חיה, kiah, the Pranic Life-Force, totals 23 in Hebrew gematria, tallying the same as aes, 'ore.' This is the mineral-like substance sought within the alchemical mountain by Artists. See AKASHA, DEW OF HEAVEN and ORE as cross reference.

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