"From Dust Thou Art..."

Preface - Revised: January 2020


Genesis 2:7 “And the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.” – The Interlinear NIV Hebrew-English Old Testament.


       Ordinarily when we read, hear or maybe more often when we think about this biblical directive we might conjure up a simple image. Perhaps, like winter's children in the back yard rolling up a snowman, we summon an image of God futzing around in The Garden, forming up a clay or mud man that is suddenly brought to life like Frosty himself, sans top hat. Many religious sects would have us believe it happened just so.

       It is certainly portrayed thus in the movies.

“The big motion picture called "The Bible" that Dino de Laurentiis produced and John Huston directed begins with the uproar of Creation and the emergence of Adam and Eve as the first humans, fully grown, cleanly washed and luminously blond,” critiqued  Bosley Crowther in September, 1966.


       Another series about the Bible on the History Channel, or maybe the Discovery Channel, had Adam hunched up in a mound of dirt covered with leaves. The “Breath of Life” came up in the form of a breeze dispersing the leaves every which way and whittling down the pile of dirt into the full adult form of Adam, as fully evolved Homo Sapiens, the greatest of great-great-grandfathers to you and me, they say.

       The literal words and the celluloid images seem to work for creationists, but ring rather off key for evolutionists. CNN some years back covered the story of parents from the two camps shouting and counter-shouting religious convictions, each group waving protest signs in the ethers before an elementary school that dared teach the evolution scheme. The school children looked on indifferently. It is all black and white with religion, it seems: good/evil, God/Devil, each camp above never considering the remote possibility that the opposing camp just might also have it right.

       Qabalah, Spiritual Alchemy, and the Hermetics of the ancients harbor no such quandaries. None of the philosophies from the East or West teaching esoteric principles rooted from what might be considered Ageless Wisdom would force either premise upon others.

       What follows is a different supposition rooted in some of those arcane tenets. It is hoped that by presenting some basic underlying elements in a reasonable light that both polarizations might find, and even settle into, some sensible compromise.

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