Q, Qoph, ק


       Letter Qoph, ק, transcribed as 'Q,' with numeration 100 means 'back of the head.' The numeration of the whole letter-name קוף is 186, and spelled out in plenitude קוף וו פה, QVPh VV PhH, equals 283. Qabalists assign Qoph to the Moon Tarot Key, and on the Tree of Life it is the twenty-ninth path connecting Netzach (desire nature) with Malkuth (body). The path, called the 'Corporeal Intelligence', שכל מוגשם, Saykel Mogashem, transports imagery generated by the Venus power of imagination into body elements. Dr. A.E. Waite says of this path: "...it informs every body [cell] which is incorporated under all orbs, and it is the growth thereof."


       Qoph and the Moon Tarot Key are attributed to Pisces, the last thirty degrees of the zodiacal cycle of consciousness. Pisces represents that office of the subconscious that builds or repairs body cellular growth during sleep of the conscious mind.


       Venus is exalted in Pisces, which suggests that the highest function of the desire and image making faculties find their best expression with the formation of physical bodies. Venus is another name for the First Matter by many alchemists. Daleth, דלת (Venus and the Empress Tarot Key), sums to 434, the same as טל השמים, tel ha-shamaim, the 'Dew of Heaven.' The First Matter, the Heavenly Dew, is the substance that coagulates about matrices formed by our image making faculty. The position of this faculty is hinted by letter Qoph – the back of the head. Some imagine scenes above their heads or behind closed eyes. If we can discipline the placement of those images to the back of the head, at the medulla oblongata, imagery is likely to manifest into the tangible world quicker. The medulla oblongata is the root of our sight center. It never sleeps. Images placed there in the last few moments of waking consciousness will be worked upon during sleep by the Corporeal Intelligence.

       The paragraph to follow below holds a very arcane premise. May I suggest you read it slowly and maybe twice. If you can follow the train of thought you will discover the absolute truth concerning the formation of your world. Moreover, you might surmise the truth behind The Garden of Eden story as ascribed in the Biblical allegory of Genesis, Chapter 2.


       Qoph’s position on the Cube of Space is South-Below. This combines operations of the Sun and Moon in the Alchemical Process, since South is the position of the Sun, and Below that of the Moon. Pisces hints even stronger powers when we examine its ruler-ship on the Cube. The old astronomy assigned Jupiter as the ruler of Pisces. Modern astrology has Jupiter sharing its rule with Neptune, the higher octave vibration of Venus. On the Cube of Space these three planets are uniquely positioned to illustrate arcane relationships concerning the manifestation of spirit into matter. Venus, stationed at the back or East face of the Cube, is the power of creative imagination, molding Prima Materia into form. Eventually these images manifest as the rotating phantasmagoria of our physical world. The symbol for that rotating profusion is Jupiter on the West face. West is symbolic of the 'without,' the result of previous imagery from the East 'within.' The means by which imagery works its way into matter is perfectly illustrated by the coordinate, East-West, to which Neptune and the element Water are attributed. Please ponder these hints carefully. What may be brought to the mind's eye will be far more encompassing than can be put into words. What may be added here is that the major portion of the alchemical work is 'Woman's Work' performed during sleep of the body. The solar Dew of Heaven is coagulated into physical substance, into cellular consciousness. Learn to 'look to the East' during meditation. Please reference ARSENIC, DEW OF HEAVEN, D-DALETH, MULTIPLICATION and WOMAN'S WORK.

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