קבלה – QBLH


       Turning now to the pointed mention of the word קבלה, Qabalah, that was touched upon in the fourth paragraph in the Dogmatic Qabalah section.

       Previously it was mentioned that the three different spellings for the word Qabalah in the modern languages make no difference. That is true. However, the original Hebrew/Chaldean spelling for Qabalah, קבלה, QBLH, has far more implications than first meets the eye. There is another letter in the Hebrew alphabet with the ‘qa’ sound, that being, 'כ' Kaph. Using Kaph instead of Qoph as the first character in the spelling would change the number value of the word, according to Literal Qabalah. Moreover, since Hebrew letters are hieroglyphs in their own right, it would also change the associated imagery behind the letters and the whole word collectively. So it was deliberate nuance that spelled out קבלה.

       Those Ancient Literal Qabalists who initially scribed all that sacred literature were members of an Inner School who were well aware of the implications, back then and for future generations. They had, as their brothers had done in the Eastern Traditions, preserved sacred and hidden, esoteric information for all those capable and desirous of learning those methods which evolve spirit incarnate. Through the ages aspirants around the world, few though they have been and are presently, have learned and practiced these instructions hidden behind and within the outer writings of arcane texts. The Qabalah, in the Western Tradition, has sequestered these instructions behind the clumsily translated publications of our modern Bibles, the Sepher Yetzirah, the Zohar and other picture books of hieroglyphic symbolism in Hermetic, Alchemical and Rosicrucian literature. Within the very word קבלה, QBLH, is the perfect introductory example of such communication.

       First, we look at the whole number of the word. QBLH in the Hebrew adds up to 137. We compare this number with other words and phrases of equal value. There are several, but here a couple examples. In Lamentations 2:9 the phrase: חזון מיהוה, chazon ma Yahweh, “Vision from Jehoveh” and the noun מוצא, motza, “descent, origin,” and with different vowel points, “fountain, spring.” Each of these terms sum to 137. To the accomplished practitioner the implications suggest the study of Qabalah reveals an endless spring or fountain of visions from the One Life within us. In the New Testament we frequently see the term “Spirit of God,” which in the Latin Vulgate is Spiritus Dei, and also sums to 137. To those who have made concerted efforts with this study there can be no doubt as to these inferences.

       Then, line up the four corresponding Tarot keys that spell HLBQ (this in reverse). The keys sum to 34. There is no Major Arcana with number 34, so reduce this to 7. This Tarot key sums up the root ideas behind the word QBLH. Read up on this key. As it is all symbolism the ideas which may surface from within are very subjective and personal. My impressions will not (may not) be for others, and might not be transferable into words. The discovery, and joy, evolved from the practice will be your personal AHA!

       Next, a Literal Qabalist would pick the word apart letter by letter. That begins with letter Qoph (ק). The plethora of inferences are a chapter alone. In fact, may I recommend that the chapters on this letter and the other three behind it be read and studied in Paul Foster Case’s, The Tarot, a Key to the Wisdom of the Ages. Added here is the point that this letter is a glyph of the spinal column and the back portion of the brain. Within that back portion is positioned the medulla oblongata. This organ never sleeps and rules the involuntary functions of the human organism like the heart beat and breathing. It also receives impressions from the fourth dimension during sleep of the conscious mind and body. Because of this the Sepher Yetzirah names the 29th Path on the Tree of Life, to which letter Qoph is assigned, the ‘Corporeal Intelligence’. This mode of our sub-consciousness heals all wounds and illnesses, and receives information during sleep. It is considered wise to ponder difficult problems or to meditate as the last efforts of waking consciousness before retiring. Sub-consciousness deduces the queries of the conscious mind during sleep, and often serves up answers and inspirations. This and more, assuming the conscious mind is psychologically healthy and was sober upon retiring. Medulla oblongata, in the Latin Cabala Simplex, also sums to 137, as QBLH. So the primary implication of this first letter is that all the inspired imagery that surfaces from the study of Qabalah will come from meditations and through sleep. The resultant ideas and imagery will stem from the back of the brain.

       The next letter in QBLH is Beth (ב). Letter and Tarot key are indicative of the self-conscious mind. The imagery inferred by means of that first letter is then projected into our self-conscious awareness, symbolized by this second letter. As the 12th path on the Tree it is named the ‘Transparent Intelligence’. To the advanced practitioner in a Qabalistic regimen it means that the self-conscious mind is no longer subservient to the negative habit patterns and misconceptions of the ‘old’ sub-conscious. These are replaced as the conscious mind fully recognizes who and what is actually in charge of The Life. Cleansed of the 'saltish' tendencies within the metal silver' (the “old man’s sub-conscious,” alchemically speaking) the conscious mind receives all instruction from Super-consciousness (the Christ, or Krishna, or Tiphareth within) and performs all actions received from that Central Source. Instructions from the Super-conscious come into Intellect through the sub-conscious, as implied by Qoph (ק).

       The third letter is Lamed (ל). Such a Transparent Mind, receiving constant influx from the Super-conscious, goes about this Life in complete faith that all actions and works, symbolized by letter Lamed, are not performed of our lower self, but of the Father within. The results are in perfect harmony and justice through all subsequent outcomes. Its path on the Tree is named the ‘Faithful Intelligence’. It is sourced from the fifth sphere, Geburah (Severity), above Tiphareth, and follows Universal Intent and the Will-To-Good.

       The last letter is Heh (ה). There is so much information behind these letters and the Tarot pictures accompanying them. Many impressions cannot be adequately translated. It really is up to the reader to perform a more thorough investigation beyond this introduction. The symbolism within the Tarot key of this fourth letter illustrates qualities of dignity, triumph, rule, order and authority. The letter hints the powers of vision and insight. And since the assigned path on the Tree is rooted in Wisdom (Chokmah), it imbues the Son (in Tiphareth) with unfailing insight from the One Identity. The eventual outcome of protracted studies in Qabalah is Dominion in our personal world.

       Line up for yourself the four Tarot keys of QBLH. Put all these pictures and symbols together from the one word and it is with certainty that what is described are the intrinsic and inherent powers of any individual who can master what Qabalah offers. Of course, what is also described are the qualities of an Adept, or Master. The readers of these pages, and myself included, are NOT Adepts. But we shall be. Adepts and Masters are self-made, not ‘promoted’. The serious, persevering, devoted and reverent student of this all-encompassing subject can expect, in time, to rise up to these virtues and more. Study, read, ponder, pray and meditate, meditate, meditate! These promises of Qabalah will gradually, and most assuredly, rise up from within because if we are so motivated to persevere, it is due to THAT WHICH IS WITHIN who is pulling us.

       Lastly, try this for yourself. Look up and find the TEMURAH of QBLH. Get its number. This will be the ultimate reward for enduring, desiring and persevering with Qabalah. If you have difficulty, email me.

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