Alchemical Quicksilver has subtle meanings used on different levels, like Alchemical Mercury. The Mercury Center is the interior star or chakra understood by alchemists and astrologers alike as the energy behind self- consciousnes. Quicksilver, in one sense, is the immature state of self-consciousness warranting sublimation and transmutation that distorts the energy flowing through that center. The base tendencies may manifest as incessant mental wanderings, the inability to concentrate, or squandering mental energy in schemes of selfish gain. Heightened attention, concentration and keen discrimination are the fruits of transmuted Quicksilver. Moreover, since Mercury is one name for the First Matter, so is Quicksilver to be understood, the Latin for which is Argentum Vivum, Living Silver. Analogous to the physical chemical substance, quicksilver reflects vivacious light from its fluid surface, and in likewise does the First Matter behave by radiating countless points of Living Light. Argentum Vivum totals 166 by Latin Cabala Simplex, equaling Dominus Noster, Our Lord. AIN SUPh AUR, אין סוף אור, permeating all universal space, is the Living mental solution of our Lord God, Almighty, within whom we live, move and have our being.


       The Hebrew for 'Quicksilver', כספית, kaspith, totaling 570, sheds more living light. שכל טהור, Sakel Tahur, means 'Pure Intelligence.' This certainly describes AIN SUPh AUR prior any manifestation, but poignantly it is the name for the ninth sphere, Yesod, the Vital Soul, Nephesh. It is the realm of the subconscious nearest our conscious mind. Steady, concerted meditation practice will bring on pure, bright flashes of Living Light from this region, urging us upward and inward.


       Sakel Tahur shares 570 with שער, shar, meaning 'Gate', and 'Entrance.' This hints the direction and realm wherein the Pure Intelligence resides. The whole alchemical dictum: “Visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapidem,” also equals 570 in the Latin Simplex. Interior is the Gate or Portal to the Pure Intelligence, all of which refers to Universal Quicksilver, within us. Finally, in the Song of Songs, there is a most obscure reference to the Mercurial Matter in its primal state. In Cant. 6:5, we read: “Thy hair is as a flock of goats that trail down from Gilead.” 'Hair' is שער, shore, spelled the same as 'Gate' above, but with different vowel points and vowel sounds. Other alchemical writers have used hair to describe the raw state of the Universal First Matter in that some see it as 'streaks' through the ethers, like fibers of living light which may suggest the likeness of strands of hair. “A flock of goats,” trailing, is a fine metaphor for the primal substance weaving through space like serpents before it whorls into a cohesive, dense something. Gilead, גלעד, totals 107, as Lux Domini, the 'Light of the Lord.'


       References to hair by various writers have created all manner of concoctions by misguided medieval alchemists misinterpreting the metaphors unlocked only by “use of the cabalists.” Quicksilver is referred to as common to all metals. In light of all the above gematria we can understand this to be so since the Universal First Matter is all and in all. Secondly it is in all the metals as Sattva Guna or the Mercury mode of expression in all the centers. Raw, immature Quicksilver expressed as pseudo and haughty intelligence suffering intellectual servitude must be transmuted and sublimated to reflect the Pure Intelligence aligned with its White Sulphur to develop the Red Elixir, Cinnabar. This whole work is generated by the aid of "gross, unripe Quicksilver married to raw, Red Sulphur," as alluded by the wily wisdom writers.

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