R, Resh, ר


       Resh, ר, transcribed as 'R,' numeration 200, means 'face' or 'countenance.' The numeration of the whole letter-name ריש is 510, and spelled out in plenitude, ריש יוד שין, RISh YUD ShIN, equals 890. Qabalists assign Resh to the Sun Tarot Key and on the Tree of Life to the thirtieth path connecting the eighth sphere, Hod (Intellect), with the ninth sphere, Yesod (Automatic Consciousness). This path is named שכל כללי, Saykel Kellawliy, the 'Collecting Intelligence' since it collects and focuses solar power (the Prana of the Hindus). Dr. A.E. Waite says of this path: "...for thence astrologers, by the judgment of the stars and the heavenly signs, derive their speculations and the perfection of their science according to the motions of the stars."


       The solar energy that propels the human vehicle enters or collects at the back of the human aura, over the heart center, the Sun Chakra. It may be noteworthy to mention here that Carlos Castaneda’s benefactor, Don Juan Matus, would project Carlos’ heightened sense of awareness by firmly striking Carlos on the back between the shoulder blades, over the heart center. Our physical sun likewise at the center of our solar system collects all forms of universal energy. Our sun is both centripetal and centrifugal in that it gathers אין סוף אור, AIN SUPh AUR, to itself on the invisible side of existence, and disburses that same power as heat and light on the manifest side.


       The fiery energy is once again equated with Universal Water through numeration of the single letter Resh, for 200 is also the number of letter Mem, מ, spelled out in plenitude as מים יוד מים, MIM YUD MIM (200). Jacob Boehme is quoted by Dr. Franz Hartmann:

"The sun is not very different from water, for water has the quality and essence of the sun. Without that the water would not receive the light of the sun. Although the sun is also in water, but not manifest. In fact, we recognize that the whole world is all sun, and the locality of the sun would be everywhere if God would want to ignite it and cause it to become manifest, for all existence begins in the light of the sun."1


       We often see the paradoxical transposition of these two elements by such maxims as 'wash with sulphur' or 'burn with water' in various operations. The fiery, fluidic quality of the First Matter possesses attributes of both elements and cannot be described adequately by either alone. “The whole world is all sun,” from the quotation above is AIN SUPh AUR, 'collected' at the portal of the center of our galaxy (a black hole blasting outward) from Night side, spewed out into the Day side, then radiated outwardly in all directions as Prana or the 'Dark Energy' of modern science. On the Night-side AIN SUPh AUR is a brilliant white light. In our Day-side world, however, it is black light, silent and invisible. But if the mind of God were so inclined, our whole physical galaxy, the planets, and even the void spaces between would light up as sparklers in a thought.


       Everything, everywhere we can sense is 'cooled' AIN SUPh AUR, the substance of the Universal Subconscious Mind coagulated as the dense material of physical existence. Boehme’s quotation above is saying that our whole galaxy is actually the same solar substance, and our physical solar orb is merely the core of a solar region among countless regions where planets gravitate around some solar core. One notable feature about the thirtieth path is that it is the only path on the Tree of Life connecting all the essential elements of the Great Work: the Sun, Moon and Mercury.

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1 Hartmann, Dr. Franz, The Life And Doctrines Of Jacob Boehme. New York: Steinerbooks, 1977, pg. 169.