Radiant Darkness


       For quite some time now our world’s physical scientists have been laboring to discover and label the smallest physical particle in the universe. Molecules and atoms have been with us for over a couple hundred years now. Then electrons surfaced to our awareness followed by protons and neutrons. Cosmic ray experiments revealed smaller fundamentals with pions and muons, and then antimatter appeared. In the late nineteenth century science then declared the quark to be the most fundamental until, in its due time around the late 1980’s, exoteric science had named the smallest particle of physical substance, 'dark matter.' When this page was first written The Japan Times newspaper carried an article from the AFP-Jiji press which appeared in the Times on the Sunday, February 18, 2007 issue. The article, which originated from Paris, explains on page 7:

Advances in Dark Matter

Physicists worldwide race for the 'God particle'.

PARIS (AFP-Jiji) Scientists in three locations around the globe are locked in a multibillion-dollar race to cross the boundaries of knowledge in particle physics. Their quest: find the secrets of dark matter and the “God particle” – a subatomic particle that is fundamental for understanding the nature of matter, but so illusive that, physicists quip, it can only be compared to divinity.


       The article continues on to explain plasma accelerators to be the promising technology of the future over the next 20 to 25 years. So, what goes around comes around. The modern sciences are always declaring, overturning, and redefining their 'scientific proof' of previous theories that eventually catch up, reveal and rediscover the tenets of Ageless Wisdom. Six thousand years earlier the ancient Egyptians called Osiris their 'Black God,' too brilliant to be seen by mortal eyes. In this case, finally, ageless esoteric wisdom and modern physical science are referring to the same Universal First Matter, AIN SUPh AUR, simply called the Limitless Light, albeit, modern science yet refuses to recognize the so-called 'theories of esoteric visionaries.'


       Nevertheless, our enlightened inner vision will always out perform the instruments of technology in time and methodology. Some day now, who knows when exactly, physical science must eventually acquiesce to the fact that this 'dark matter' is a super intelligent, living matter that can only be labeled 'mind stuff,' the very mind stuff of divinity. However, it remains true that the natural human cannot perceive its radiance presently. We see it daily as all the things in our world, after it has coagulated into something tangible in the physical plane, like these minute particles science is chasing. On the other, 'Night side' of existence, the Sea of Awareness, AIN SUPh AUR, is an ocean of white Living Light; a liquid light that some philosophers have called their Universal Sperm.


       However, for an external world to exist, the Ocean contracts within itself at points. Around these points the liquid Living Light creates a vast, contracting, whirling motion. The contraction creates a state of Radiant Darkness, out of which a corporeal universe manifests as an incomprehensible burst of star-stuff matter at the very center of a galactic explosion, generating a galaxy from the center of a black hole. When we are lifted up by God's Grace, the reverse is also true. When we come to enlightenment and fourth dimensional awareness, we come to it via a gate or portal of Radiant Darkness. This blackness is much darker than can be explained or symbolized adequately. And it does radiate a black light before it bursts into the inner visualization of the Great Salt Spermatic Sea. It is a portal of contracting darkness opening out into the vast unknown. Those of us who have had a genuine, protracted Near Death Experience, enough to see a brilliant white light at the end of a vast whirling 'tunnel,' are witnessing the glorious inner workings of AIN SUPh AUR between the Day and the Night sides of Its Life. Initially it is awesome and terrifying because the lower self experiences personality death to behold it. Recipients most commonly recall the sense of 'going insane.' That part of us feels terror, we feel nauseous, but it is soon dissipated by a Love too great to explain. The unity is final.


       The Matter behaves like a fluid, as water, while it sparkles with a scintillating quality as fire, but it carries within itself a supreme intelligence, from no beginning into no end portending. This is our Black God of which the ancient Egyptian Hierophants were aware. Because of natural humanity's present limitations with the five physical senses, the radiant First Matter as explained by the sages through centuries does not exist. But sages and seers from all cultures of the world attest to the real, meta-physical matter. It has been given every name the matter has become, so we could rightfully call it whatever we see. It is No-Thing, yet it is a rock, and a tree, and a house. Most philosophers refer to it simply as Water. Artephius wrote centuries ago:

"It is also the most acrid vinegar, concerning which an ancient philosopher saith, I besought the Lord and He showed me a pure, clear water."1


       Arnoldus de Villa Nova is often quoted:

"Now, I will name it, and I say that if thou sayest that it is Water, thou doest say the truth, and if thou sayest that it is not Water, thou doest lie."2


       The ultra intelligent, fluidic, radiant darkness is the matter, the stuff, the actual substance of the Universal Subconscious Mind. It may be formed into any tangible object held in concentrated imagination from the self-conscious level. We do this daily, but because our personal images, desires and actions are yet base and steeped in self-serving, separative, and greedy motives, the people, circumstances and situations we imagine bring us the misery, anger and sorrow we live. To the degree we evolve enlightened, to that degree are we alchemists. Our Omnipotent, ever-forgiving Father will show any true aspiring soul His Living, Radiant Darkness, if we would merely take up the cross daily and consciously let Him do all through us as He has done since the beginning anyway. Let the 'old human' personality die to be replaced by the One, True, and Living-Ego of all the world and His Radiant Darkness is ours to work in His Name eternally. Qabalistically speaking, the Radiant Darkness is brought on by Binah. Alchemists know this aperture of manifestation as CORVUS NIGER (See same).

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1 Artephius, The Secret Book Of Artephius. Edmonds, WA: Alchemical Press, 1984, pg. 7.

2 This and the previous quotation are originally attributed to the Turba Philosophorum, but they have been repeated and attached to every other philosopher since.