The Vedic term for the left current of the Kundalini nerve force is Rayi. It is the female, passive, patient, negative current in the sympathetic nervous system. Other names given it in alchemical literature are Mercury, White Wine, White Work, Lily, and Moon. The Moon Center, the pituitary gland, actually governs this force. Its function is the purification of the subconscious level Qabalists call the Vital Soul. Sphere nine, Yesod, represents the Vital Soul on the Qabalistic Tree. The level of automatic consciousness just beneath our self-conscious awareness holds negative, ignorant habit patterns that keep us separated from the Higher Self. Clearing this dross in subconsciousness is called the White Work of the Moon.


       It is accomplished primarily by meditation and breathing practices. The best can be found in Swami Vivekananda’s Raja-Yoga. Consistent visualization and meditation exercises set up potent suggestions for subconsciousness to follow the lead of the super-conscious mind. Meditation leads eventually to total surrender to the Higher Self, whose influences replace the constant rantings of self-consciousness. This is preferred over repeating the errors fed into it from the unenlightened self-conscious level. The result is that the self-conscious mind ceases its preoccupation with trying to make things happen for mere survival tactics, and avers its rightful functions of concentration and attention to actual present conditions. It initiates less and less, but quickly grasps the next mode of activity presented from the super-conscious level.


       Eliphas Levi explains: “The Adept becomes bound by his engagements.” He performs all those activities given him by the One-Life. Through acts of keen attention we discern our true path, a path of heart explained by Don Juan Matus. Ordinary humanity, not yet consciously committed to the Great Work, uses the conscious mind (Sulphur) for acquiring at the personal level. Self-consciousness is always hunting to appease the insatiable appetites of senses gone amok, to ensure its survival. An Adept is assured eternal existence and supply. His/her conscious mind is always attentive for any duty presented by the One-Life that supports the evolution of total world consciousness.


       Nothing is possible, however, until the White Work, the force current of Rayi, has completed cleansing separative elements within the Vital Soul. The dross to be cleansed beneath the White Work is then acted upon by the Red Work. See IDA, PRANA, PINGALA, SURYA, RED WORK and WHITE WORK as cross reference.

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