Red Work

Revised: April, 2021


       The Red Work is the work of the Sun, Tiphareth, seat of the Christ Consciousness, which is super-consciousness to us currently. It purges separative elements deep within the subconscious psyche too far removed to be worked upon from the self-conscious level or the subconscious, which is the White Work of the Moon. This Red Work could be considered quite comparable to the 9th Stage of the Great Work known as Incineration. The 25th Path on the Tree connects Tiphareth with Yesod and assigned the Temperance Key in the Tarot. The angel within this Key is the Christ Consciousness in action. Alchemists name this activity the ‘Refiner’s fire’. The Christ level, as the angel, clears the very deep memory impressions rooted from past incarnations. It purges and refines the desire nature and the negative generative activity of the subconscious. The elements to be cleansed here have to do with race consciousness and the habit patterns accrued from this life and previous incarnations. The whole success of the Great Work depends upon this action entirely.


       Psychological therapy or psychiatric counseling cannot help us here, even if we could find a therapist who would acknowledge the existence of One True Ego within all humanity. 


       For this reason do all the adepts who have completed the work say it is done solely by the Grace of God. I do not know what one could possibly concoct in an actual physical  laboratory to affect this. For aspirants, it is the final test as to the motives for taking up this Work. If we were called to this work, for its sake alone, we have naught to fear concerning its completion. We were drawn to it by Him, and by His Grace it will be finished, in His own good time. After all our studies and meditation, we wait and pray. Conversely, if we were motivated by the lower impulses for money, power or their tangents, His Grace will not be forthcoming. We will have wasted a great deal of time and effort for naught.


       This is what philosophers meant when they cautioned us to “maintain fear of the Lord.” The Lord is not out to punish us, but if our intentions are not true, Grace is not bestowed. This is punishment enough. When the Red Work is complete, it is no longer the old personality who inhabits the body vehicle. The One, True Ego, the Grand Ego within all humanity is now the conscious doer through the body. It is the Christ level of consciousness as it inhabited the body of the Master, Jesus. Our individual personality will still be there, but it will be united and guided eternally by the Higher Self, Who is one with That Which Is. The old personality will have been purged of all those negative elements that have caused pain, anger, sorrow and separation from the True Self and all Its other life expressions. Our purified subconscious mind will no longer accept suggestions from the self-conscious level, which is what principally motivates generic humanity. When the Red Purge is complete, our subconscious mind receives all its subsequent suggestions from the Grand Ego, Super-consciousness.


       The self-conscious mind is then occupied with carrying out those suggested instructions. “The Adept becomes bound by his engagements,” to quote Eliphas Levi again. No work has more heart and soul. Attempts to counter the Process by re-joining society in the manner as before with its vacuous ventures will prove shallow and selfish. All human endeavors pale by comparison. So sages caution us further that whoever would take up this work must go all the way to its completion. There is no other way to the end result except to be led by the Spirit, through surrender, toward whatever is the chosen path for each of us. Meditate and pray. The Red Work and the White Work both occur within the arena of the Glass Vessel, the etheric aura. Super-conscious Red, working through the subconscious White, slowly blends solar energy into the physical body through the organs and glands made healthy by previous alchemical steps, and through the prepared blood, Aurum Potabile. Near the end, the light emanations within the Vessel align with the emanations outside the Glass. When Rebis is again made one, we may be assured success by His Divine Grace. See WHITE WORK, INCINERATION, REFINER'S FIRE, REBIS, RAYI and SURYA as cross references. One might also compare this with Plate XXII in Splendor Soils from the Articles section in this site.

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