Refiner's Fire


       When full enlightenment comes it is as if we are engulfed by Black, Scintillating, Living Flame. This is illustrated most graphically on the Qabalistic Tree by the twenty-fifth path and the Temperance Tarot Key. Michael, the Archangel of the Sun in Tiphareth, the One, Central Ego, 'burns with water' and 'washes with fire' the deep levels of our subconscious. It is the Red Work of the Super-conscious Sun. The lower, sufficiently purified, is now consumed by the higher. The Alchemical Marriage is complete.


       The Hebrew root form of 'Refiner' is זקק, zeekoqoph. It translates as 'to refine, to meld, and to fuse.' It intimates a blending, a joining, not an obliteration of the lower personality. By gematria it sums to 207, equivalent to אור, aur, 'light.' The refining is performed by the Limitless Light, AIN SUPh AUR, engulfing the lower consciousness. גדר, gedor, 'wall, enclosure or boundary' totals to 207, as does רבה, rebah, meaning 'to grow, multiply, or to be in abundance'.


       It is the power of the One-Life fusing the enclosure of the aura, our Glass Vessel, with Light in abundance. Thread-like Light inside and outside the auric egg is aligned and bestows the initiate with visions in fourth dimensional awareness. The Light is the Purifying Fire of the Red Work, originating from the Sun. It is our second birth, the baptism by Divine Water, pouring forth from the Inner Self, refining and burning out all sense of error and separation from that moment forward. Henceforth, it is virtually impossible to perform, consciously, any deliberate act contrary to the One-Will. We are forever committed to conscious participation in the Great Work of all Life. Our outlook is one of pure knowing the ultimate meaning of life and our participation in it. We step through a portal into a New, Fifth Kingdom of Spiritual Humanity. Compare with RED WORK and INCINERATION.

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