Sal Alkali

Revised: August 2019

       Dr. W. W. Westcott edited a series of alchemical writings and gathered them under Collectanea Hermetica. Volume VII contains a piece by Thomas Vaughan, Euphrates, Waters of the East. On page thirty-six, Dr. Westcott adds commentary to paragraph VI:

"The Arabians called the Prima Materia, “Halicali,” from Hali-Summum, and Calop-Bonum; but Latin authors corruptly write it Sal Alkali. This Summum Bonum is the catholic receptacle of spirits, it is blessed and impregnated with light from above, and was therefore styled by magicians – Domus Signata, plena Luminis Divinitatis (Sealed House, full of Divine Light)."


       Point blank here Thomas Vaughan and Dr. Westcott call Sal Alkali the First Matter. The Divine Substance of the invisible world holds all impressions in suspension and solution. The four elements are all unique qualities of this one Quintessence. Each element has its inhabitants in a world of their own "the catholic receptacle of spirits." The Yaqui Indian discipline of Central America calls these elemental inhabitants 'inorganic beings.' I mention it here as a cross-reference covered with considerable detail in Carlos Castaneda's seventh and ninth books of that series.


       Through combinations of four qualities and their inhabitants, all possible variations are created in our external physical world and other subtler landscapes of consciousness. Sal Alkali is as good as any of the hundreds of names alluding to the First Matter. In chemistry an alkali is a base with an acrid quality that neutralizes acids and forms a salt. The actual First Matter neutralizes all maladies and illnesses, and acts as a universal solvent, the genuine alchemist’s alkahest, which is commonly described as hypothetical by exoteric science simply because the Universal Consciousness is yet beyond the ken of world chemistry and physics. Its metallic, salty taste (but sweet smell) is universally recognized by all who have been given the experience first-hand by God, Almighty.


       There is no 'k' in Latin; Sal Alkali is a corruption as stated above. To obtain its gematria we must substitute a 'c' for 'k' and the numeration will sum to 62 in Latin Cabala Simplex. The Latin, Sophia, also sums to 62. This is the Gnostic Sophia (feminine Wisdom), reputed to stand for the perfect self-remembrance and self-knowledge of the One-Being. The First Matter also contains this recollection and awareness inherent within Itself. The First Matter is the substance of the Universal Subconscious Mind, the universal mind that holds all memory of its own being since the incomprehensible no-beginning. It also contains the acrid and astringent qualities which cause solidification that produces tangible forms in the physical plane. Alchemists also call this matter ARSENIC and SALT (see both) because of the similarity of these chemicals to coagulate. Prima Materia inherently coagulates its own Mind-Matter into form.

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