Sh, Shin, ש


       Shin, ש, transcribed as 'Sh' and sometimes as 'S,' with numeration 300, means 'tooth or fang.' Numeration of the whole letter-name שין is 360, and in plenitude spelling, שין יוד נון, ShIN YUD NUN, equals 486. Qabalists assign Shin to the Judgment Tarot Key and on the Tree of Life to the thirty-first path connecting the eighth sphere, Hod (Intellect), to the tenth sphere, Malkuth (Sensation).


       As letter Qoph ק, connects the right (as we look at the Tree) Pillar of Mercy side to the Kingdom and brings down influences from that whole side of the Tree, Shin brings down the combined influences from the Pillar of Severity on the left side. Qoph, and sleep, permeates Desire into the physical body. Shin brings down the Fire of Mind from Hod. When the Great Work is completed, after the initial Awakening symbolized by the Tower Tarot Key, this fire 'devours' the blessed recipient with a Consuming Fire, completely destroying old conceptions of the separated self. Destroyed, too, are all false relationships the separative, lower self had attached to itself in that life. For this reason the Fire of Heaven has always been revered as a deadly, destructive force to be feared and avoided. “Fear of the Lord” has taken on negative implications imbued with guilt complexes and punishment for wrong doings. Perhaps this may be one reason for the severe and ominous connotations associated with the Last Judgment in orthodox Christian dogma.


       However, anyone who has had direct experience of this Divine Fire knows and will admit to no such punishments. True, the 'old man/woman' personality and the ignorant habit patterns enmeshed in deep subconsciousness are utterly destroyed. From then forward, the blessed aspirant is consciously united, forever, with the Divine Higher Self, the 'Christ Consciousness' in the Western Tradition. For this reason Qabalists name the thirty-first path on the Tree of Life שכל תמידי, Saykel Temidiy, the 'Perpetual Intelligence.' Dr. A.E. Waite's commentary in The 32 Paths of Wisdom on this 31st path is rather confusing. I believe the descriptions below serve better purpose. 


       The gematria of שין at 300 adds insight. פירוד, phayrod, meaning 'separation, farewell,' hints an effect of the Consuming Fire. Such a person is separated from membership in genus Homo Sapiens-Sapiens. Then יצר, yatzar, the root of 'to form,' suggests the making, creation, formation of a new creature. A spiritual human is of another order, far from the average human as Human is from the plant kingdom. כפר, kaphar, 'to cover, to condone, atonement,' all imply sanction by the One-Thing when another prodigal has joined at-one-ment with His Son in Tiphareth.


       Such a one receives and lives with רוח אלהים, ruach elohim, the 'Spirit of God,' or “The Breath of the Mighty Ones.” Each of the above words holds the numeral value 300. The word יסודות, yesodoth, 'foundations,' is the plural of Yesod, the ninth sphere on the Tree of Life. Its number value is 486 that of שין spelled in plenitude. The fullest expressions of Shin (Qabalists suggest by its plenitude spelling) are the 'Foundations of the Spiritual Universe.' Before completion of the Great Work, we may surmise that experience to be the goal or end of a life based upon material realities and those sensations. This is true to a certain extent. Fourth dimensional awareness does catapult us into whole new beginnings of life in the subtle realms, with all new phenomena, perceptions and environments. But what we do from thence forward, in this world, is performed with extraordinary depth of peace and understanding from 'foundations' far too deep even to be recognized by general humanity.


       Such ones are united eternally with the Father Source, through His Son. The adjective temidiy (תמידי ) means 'continuous'. The vast mansions in our Father's House are too fantastic and miraculous even for the most far-out science fiction writers to imagine. There is no fear, no angst, no conception of death, no past, no future except the 'always.' The attainment of union is a Foundation for all the new experiences forthcoming. Now, consciously and eternally united with the Universal Subconscious Mind, the Realized One enjoys immediate access to the whole history of the One-God's creation, from the first moment of Its whirling inception on into the future of manifestation. Realities behind the Perpetual Intelligence cannot be described adequately with words spoken or written. Sages like Jacob Boehme, or the authors of the Old Testament Song of Songs and the New Testament Apocalypse (Revelation), have tried their best, much to the chagrin of the rest of us.

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