For those of us miners who might supplement Western Traditions with Eastern teachings, or the vice versa, Shakti is a yogic term. It is warranted again here to explain further some Qabalistic and alchemical terms (see MAYA-SHAKTI). Simply translated Shakti means 'power.' This is the all-pervading Power held formless and motionless in Kether, as the Supreme Intelligence, the Omniscient mode of the Triune-One. Its first outpouring is manifest in the second sphere, Chokmah.


       Still in Kether, however, Qabalists call Shakti, this motionless and formless being, מזלא, mezla, with gematria 78, and translated as 'influence.' Alchemists call Shakti, or mezla, the 'Dew of Heaven.' In the second sphere (Chokmah on the Tree of Life), mezla or Shakti becomes כחמה, kachmah, a Qabalistic term translated as 'formative power,' or the 'Power of Formation.' It is the power to make form-matrices. Its gematria sums to 73, that of Chokmah. In alchemy this same power is called SAL-NITRE (see same).


       The Power from Chokmah is a masculine force that impregnates the feminine Binah, the Great Salt Sea. Binah (Prakriti or Salt) restricts, coalesces and finitizes body-matter about these form-matrices to manufacture physical objects. The Mind-Substance adheres to these matrices to make physical illusion, Maya-Shakti, the 'power of illusion.' The feminine agency does not create the forms; she feeds, builds, nurtures, produces and multiplies them into the never-ending many. The perfected Yogi or Adept rebuilds a physical body or produces objects from 'nowhere' by this same Sal-Nitre action working through the level of subconscious awareness which Yaqui Indian knowledge calls the 'second attention.' Alchemists call this 'personal' subconscious power, ARSENIC (see same). Refer to the other terms frequently, and see MAYA-SHAKTI.

Three Disciplines

In Yoga, Shakti becomes Maya-Shakti.

In Qabalah, Mezla becomes Kachmah.

In Alchemy, the Dew of Heaven becomes Sal-Nitre.

       It cannot be stressed enough that the multi-spiritual disciplines, esoterically, from around the world, using their various indigenous vocabularies are all speaking of the same ONE THING. Supplement your studies with any of the other disciplines and endeavor to discover the intimate similarities for yourself. Such practices will unite human consciousness at a level far deeper than the seemingly 'personal' sub-conscious levels. This will be far more effective than any political, religious, or economic madness that is now so hell-bent on separative destruction.

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