Solve et Coagula


       Solution (or Dissolution) and Coagulation. When we consider it all, the entire alchemical process sums to just this one dictum. In a spiritual sense Dissolution (Solution) is the act of dissolving and dispersing the little self to blend with the homogeneous Universal Subconsciousness. All we consider the lower, separative self must be given up and denied the power or will to do anything of itself. This is attained primarily through acts of meditation. Simultaneously, Coagulation is the act of invoking the One Spirit as the real Doer, Thinker, Actor and only Power working through us at all times. Primarily, this is accomplished by breathing exercises coupled with affirmations of the One-Life entering into and assuming all control over each aspect and detail of our lives.


       We do not become zombies in the course of these practices. We do what we have always done. We just give up the idea that it is our lower, personal self that is the source of all actions. The One-Ego, the Central Self seated in Tiphareth, is the Doer of all. Coupled with this spiritual approach is the physical work, “As below.” This is not performed in laboratories. With every meal we sit down to, or with meals taken on the go, we must impress upon our subconscious minds the sure fact that we are eating of Its Body, drinking of Its Blood. We must slowly turn our ingestion habits to better quality food and drink in conformance with this truth. Food fuel builds cell tissue, regenerating the physical body to be inhabited by the new consciousness of Adeptship. We are dissolving to a liquid, into our arterial blood, the mineral substances from which we build the Living Stone. Then we coagulate the Virgin's Milk from the “bowels of the Earth” into our blood, fortifying our Wine.


       Here, breathing deeply, we remind subconsciousness to extract the volatile essence from within the bowels. Through Aeration we coagulate Prana from the atmosphere into the 'mixed wine' to manufacture Aurum Potabile, traversing arteries to the frontal lobe of the brain, to coalesce the Amber Gum. We continue our studies, meditations and prayers while we live life as best we can, waiting for His Grace to raise the Rose and Lily of the Art, which crystallizes the Stone of the Wise. The first and second chapters of the Fifth Treatise in Splendor Solis teach:

"Dissolution is the First Operation which has to take place in the Art of Alchemy, for the order of Nature requires that the Corpus, Body, or Matter, be changed into Water which is the much spoken Mercury. The Living Silver dissolves the adjoined pure Sulphur.

The next is Coagulation, which is turning the Water again into the Corpus or Matter, meaning thereby that the Sulphur, which before was dissolved by the Living Silver, absorbs the same and draws it into itself."1


       Solve Et Coagula is the whole evolutionary Art. Please refer to AERATION, LAC VIRGINIS, COAGULATION, PRANA, IDA and AURUM POTABILE.

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