Sperm of the World


       Frequently, the genuine sage alchemists have referred to the First Matter metaphorically as sperm, seed, or the root of the world. This has thrown many miners far off the hidden path in their quest for eternal life, wisdom and gold. All manner of silliness has resulted. One point must be made absolutely clear from the beginning analysis, AND THIS IS NO BLIND! The First Matter of which the true classical alchemists have written or spoken has nothing whatever to do with the human sexual fluids expunged or transferred through the procreative sex act. It would not be wrong to suggest the sex fluid, as everything else in this world, is of the First Matter, but human or animal semen is not that which is sought by any alchemical operation. Just what would an alchemist do with human or animal semen in a laboratory, mix it up in some elixir and drink?!


       Roger Bacon called Prima Materia inside our bodies semen solare, 'seed of the sun,' but again, it is not human seed to which he was referring. It is chyle, the unctuous, milky fulid from the lacteals in the small intestines. This is a direct reference to Gold, for the Matter is pure solar substance. In the genuine alchemical writings Gold and Sun are interchangeable.


       Alchemists repeatedly warn us if we are to make Gold then we must first have it. We do; but the natural human wastes it or is entirely ignorant of possessing it. The 'seed' metaphor suggests a root cause from which all else germinates. The Universal Matter, אין סוף אור (Ain Suph Aur) of the Qabalists, when experienced directly as a result of ripened inner sensory, appears as an oily, milky liquid with an inner, sparkling intelligence, radiating unfathomable love. And it is also true that human sperm may, in some respects, appear like its Universal archetype, save the sparkly intelligence part. However, the true substance defies all accurate descriptions which would be totally acceptable to our dense intellectualism. Sages hint its description through cryptic writings, symbols and metaphors, of which semen is but one. Again, human semen may be compared to it, somewhat, in that human semen holds within its oily texture the potential for expanding life. These and other correlations may lead the astute reader toward inner, intuitive deductions and reasonable conclusions that are eventually confirmed by a first-hand experience. The Universal Mercury is also an 'oily fatness' containing the seed potential of all life. Until that actual experience occurs, however, understanding the arcane writings of saints and philosophers may come only through their metaphors.


       There is an actual, universal, one-substance that contains potential for all other existences. It is Gold in that all the suns of the physical universe are composed of it in its compressed, outer semblance: “As above...so below.” There also exists the corresponding oily, milky fluid in “the bowels of the Earth.” It is the piece of Gold within each of us that is the Seed of the Gods. Semen solare, Prima Materia and Lac Virginis each sums to 112 by Latin Cabala Simplex. We all generate this chyle substance. Alchemists use the natural process by consciously suggesting extra amounts of the precious substance into the bloodstream. In natural humanity the extra amount is ordinarily excreted with the solid waste. To this Roger Bacon avers “it is found cast upon the dung heaps as the vileness of the earth.”


       Readers of Paracelsus will remember that he was scorned by the period’s elite when he promised to reveal the refuse of the First Matter, and showed the eager assembly a bag containing human solid waste. Please do not be misled into seeking The Substance within human excrement. Solid waste is the residuum, the ash of the Real Matter. It cannot be procured in any manner save the digestive process. Chyle is secreted (distilled) from a ductless gland. It cannot be extracted from one human or animal and injected into another human. Would that it could! It is infused into the blood stream by certain conscious suggestions from 'Our Mercury.' It must be mixed with blood to traverse arteries that pass the other various glands and organs. It leaves off some and picks up other subtle, vital essences from each Secret Vessel, creating Aurum Potabile. The hidden biblical metaphor for blood is Wine. In the Song of Songs (Cant. 7:3) the Hebrew word מזג, mezeg, translates as 'mixed wine.' The 'mixture' has just been explained. In Hebrew gematria, mezeg totals 50, the same number as semen by Latin Cabala Simplex. It is to be understood as semen solare within the human organism, mixed with blood, "the new blood into new wine skins." Fifty is also the number of אדמה, adamah, the 'Red Earth,' frequently translated as Terra Adamica, the 'Earthly Adam,' within whom lay hidden the Solar Gold. Refer to LAC VIRGINIS, CHYLUS, TARTAR and AURUM POTABILE with the above.

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