The Hebrew/Chaldee word for 'stone' is אבן, ehben. Most Qabalists consider this word a major clue to the mysterious First Matter, and to the Matter within mankind. By Hebrew gematria, אבן totals 53. One word used frequently in Biblical and other sacred writings with the same number value is גן, gan, 'garden.' Garden has always been the poetic, Qabalistic expression for subconsciousness. Classical alchemical writings employ the Moon as one symbol for that same mode of consciousness. To the ancients totally unfamiliar with today’s psychological terms, Garden, Valley, Moon and Sister were often synonymous. Today these words are interchangeable with the modern 'subconscious.' The number correlation between אבן and גן hints where we may look for the Stone of the Wise. Also, both ABN and GN are always spelled with letter NUN in its final form. Since this letter value is 700, ABN and GN may also be investigated under 703. Theosophical Extension is the summation of all the numbers up to any given set of digits. Number 703 is the fullest extension of 37 (numbers 1 through 37 total 703). Qabalists consider 37 very important in the analysis of the First Matter. It is the number of יחידה, yekidah, the 'Indivisible Cosmic Self,' or Atman of the Yogis. The Indivisible Self is akin to the boundless, homogeneous Sea of Awareness, אין סוף אור, AIN SUPh AUR, which alchemists call Universal Mercury.


       Yekidah is also one name given Kether, to which the first of the Three Principles (Mercury) is assigned. Moreover, the glyph for Mercury (a half-circle above a full circle, both above an equal-armed cross) totals 37 (see OCCULT GEOMETRY). Mercury has always been one name for the First Matter by all sages. Qabalists conclude ABN (Stone as 703) symbolizes the fullest expression, Theosophical Extension, of Mercury or Yekidah. By Theosophical Reduction Qabalists find the essence of any given number with multiple digits. Both 703 and 37 may be reduced to 10, and Hebrew letter YOD. So number 10 and all the associations we can muster under the symbol of letter YOD is the essence of the Stone (see CHYLUS and VIRGIN'S MILK). This hints the meaning behind the Qabalistic dictum, “Yod is the Crown.” Meditate upon this.


       Qabalists also dissect words. The first portion of ABN is AB, the Father, one name given the second sphere, Chokmah, the origin of the alchemical Secret Fire. It is the Life-Force, Chiah, the second creative principle alchemists call Sulphur that gives Life and Animation to manifestation. The second half of ABN is BN (Ben), the Son, a name given the sixth sphere, Tiphareth, the Qabalistic expression for the One-Ego, the Higher Self, seated in the heart of humanity. To this sphere Imagination is also attributed, the true creative genius within Adam Quodman and the principal faculty that separates the human from animals.


       Through adaptation of the alchemical principles outlined by all sages and philosophers, we may evolve into Knowledge and Conversation with the Divine Higher Genius, within us, who is already in union with the Father, That Which Is. ABN, then, represents the union of Creative-Life. Our physical Sun and Gold are both assigned to Tiphareth. Of the many Hebrew names for the 'Sun,' one is חמה, chamah. This is more a poetic expression with roots suggesting a feverish heat. Qabalistically it hints the zealous urge both from above, to create outward and downward, and from below, to aspire inward and upward back toward the source. ChMH, חמה, sums to 53 as with ABN, אבן.


       In summation, the above is a description of the Universal Stone, which the sages say: "Is a stone and no stone." The Hebrew word for Stone, ABN, may be considered something that is expressed inherently behind the symbolism of the Sun, Moon and Mercury. The Stone, originally AIN SUPh AUR throughout the invisible side of our physical universe, bursts forth from that Dark Chaos into physical manifestation, and eventually evolves by micro-steps through the lower physical kingdoms into Homo Sapiens-Sapiens. This temporal stage of present humanity is not the final evolution. The seed of ABN, the Stone, is within us. All it needs is our conscious cooperation toward its development. The Latin for Stone is lapis. The gematria of lapis and its significance in this investigation is developed under ZION (see same). The Philosophers' Stone within us is explained further under TRANSPARENT STONE and PHILOSOPHERS STONE.

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