The Subject of this Art is Mankind in general. Specifically, in the Alchemical Art, it is each of us individually. Subjectum sums to 103 in Latin Cabala Simplex. This is equal to אבן האדם, ahben ha-adam, the 'Stone of Adam.' Another hint lay in הכוכבים, ha-kokabim, 'the stars.' The essence comprising physical suns is the essence within us. Permeated throughout eternal space, the black, liquid Light coalesces at points to burst outwardly into galaxies. Suns galore spread outwards and particles spin off suns to cool down, eventually forming planets. Prana within Akasha evolves mineral life into higher organisms, scaling the evolutionary ladders up to Homo Sapiens. Up to this level all evolution is performed through the Universal Subconscious Mind. Driven by Prana, Akasha evolves forms, continuing to develop keener organisms in their earthly habitat, or even other worldly habitats. Finally the One, Primal Consciousness evolves into a stage of awareness where a few members in any given life-wave receive inner glints of who we really are and whence we actually come.


       Consciousness is aware of being aware. After Homo Sapiens-Sapiens such ones ultimately take up The Great Work in whatever discipline with conscious participation at co-creation into Homo Divinitatis, or Spiritualis, entering the ranks of בנאים, benihim, 'Builders.' These are the True Masons, the Builders for whom the allegorical Rosicrucian Manifestos were written. בנאים sums to 103. The Subjectum is worked upon to reconstitute the organism into a finely honed, healthy yoke. From within the yoke the seed from 'the stars' is extracted and augmented. Through diet, prayer, meditation and the Alchemical Art, the Prodigal Son returns the King to His Throne. Returning at last, humanity becomes הו הא אהלים, hu ha-elohim, 'He is God.' HU HA-AHLIM sums to 103.

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