In Alchemy and Qabalah, Sun, Solar and Gold all have the same meanings and implications. Primarily it is the Central, Higher Self, the Christ level of Consciousness called Tiphareth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. It is also the First Substance inside the Athanor within its Glass Vessel; and then it is Prima Materia, outside, universally diffused throughout AIN SUPh. It is that which is most august on any level from the spiritual to the physical. It is the optimum achievement. Hebrew/Chaldee has four expressions for the Sun:

1. חרס, ChRS, cheres, Sun, Clay;

2. חרסה, ChRSH, cheresoh, Sun;

3. חמה, ChMH, chamah, Sun, Heat, Fever; and

4. שמש, ShMSh, shemesh, The Sun (also with different vowel points, the verbs 'to serve, to minister'.


       All possess striking intimations for the alchemist familiar with “use of the cabalists.” The first term, ChRS (cheres), is at once interesting, for the Qabalist at least, in that the same word is used for Sun and Clay. If Clay is that from which we were formed, then we must also be of solar substance, the One Substance which is the composition of all that is. ChRS sums to 268, as the Hebrew, אור אס, aur ais, 'endless Light,' another name for Kether. Endless Light is the Radiant Darkness, AIN SUPh AUR, too brilliant for mortal eyes.


       The second term, ChRSH (cheresoh), adds an ה (HEH) to the same stem, changing the letter value to 273. אור גנוז, aur genooz, at 273, translates as 'Hidden Light,' yet another name for Kether, Crown. Furthermore, 273 is the number of חורם אביו, Hiram Abiff. Those familiar with Freemasonry know Hiram Abiff, the Widow's Son, as one of the three Ancient Grand Masters supporting the Lodge. Hiram Abiff is equated with the central pillar of the Tree, Beauty, taking its name from the central sphere, Tiphareth, and attributed the Sun. For a protracted investigation of Hiram Abiff and the allegory in the Rosicrucian Manifestos, I would refer readers to the first part of Dr. Paul Foster Case’s The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order.


       The third term, ChMH (chamah), is used in a more poetic sense to implicate intense heat and fever-pitch behind the meaning of Sun. It sums to 53 and should at once strike a chord as the number of אבן, ehben, STONE (see same).


       Finally, the last term for the Sun is ShMSh (shemesh). It is the term for the gaseous orb central to our solar system. Its gematria totals 640, and by Theosophical Reduction reduces to 10, then to 1 and Kether again. ShMSh is also the spelling of Samson from the Book of Judges. The story of Samson is a Qabalistic allegorical parable of the reproductive force through humanity. But a great deal more is hinted by this spelling for Sun. Whenever Qabalists note that one Hebrew letter is flanked on both sides by the duplicate of another letter, special attention is warranted. Here we have letter Shin flanking both sides of Mem. Both Mem and Shin are of the three Mother Letters, and the three principles and elements. In this word, however, the fiery element completely encircles elemental water. So often are we reminded of the fiery nature of Universal Water, and of the fluidic characteristic of Primal Fire, both being the same in alchemical manuscripts. By this spelling for Sun we are pointed to deduce that our actual physical solar orb is the outward manifestation of the Universe’s Hidden Light. The ocean of Hidden Light, AIN SUPh AUR, spirals, coalesces and bursts forth into our physical side at a point in space from a black hole spewing out countless spheres of fire, to become all the fixed stars and suns we may hope to discover in our galaxy.


       Converging at points in the vast expanse of AIN SUPh, AIN SUPh AUR pours forth particles from the centers, like rain. The Dew of Heaven nurtures 'units' of consciousness to scale evolutionary heights, to gather enough awareness, eventually, to become cognizant of our timeless and eternal origins. The One Matter 'serves and ministers' to our every possible need on the return road to That One. It is a fiery/liquid essence that permeates all the known and unknown universes that have ever been or shall be. We are It! Our evolutionary path is to grow in the knowledge of who we are, from where we have come, that we are one with It, and of It. חורם מלך צור, Khurum Melek Tsore, 'Hiram King of Tyre,' adds to 640, that of ShMSh, Shemesh. He is the King of the Ancient Masters associated with the Pillar of Strength. The third pillar, Wisdom, was assigned to the Ancient Grand Master, Solomon, a name composed of terms for the Sun in three ancient languages, Sol-Om-On. Thus we see through their gematria that all three Ancient Grand Masters are equated with the original One Sun, all of One Essence. The Latin, sol, totals 40, sharing the value with letter Mem, מ, the Hebrew Mother Letter for Water, confirming once again their inseparable union. All is the Gold. See RESH, GOLD, DEW OF HEAVEN, FIRE and WATER as cross references.

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