Surya, a vedic term, is one of three main Pranic currents in the human body. Its root is on the right side of the spinal base. This is the region of the sacral plexus. In terms alchemical, it is the Rose, Sulphur, or the Red Work of the Sun in the sympathetic nervous system. This active, dynamic function brings super-conscious energy downward and outward to the self-conscious level of awareness. It draws the Universal One-Life into body consciousness. Rayi, the passive, patient, cool lunar force is the function of subconsciousness distributing the one-energy into the body's tissue cell structure. The one energy is the Life-Breath called Prana by Yogis, Ruach by Qabalists, and Quintessence by alchemists. The 'Heavenly Dew' is borne upon the air. It is in the atmosphere as invisible, corpuscular droplets of light, giving animation to all life in all worlds, to the good and the seeming evil equally. Yogis, Adepts and True Alchemists, through their Art, bring extra amounts of the Manna into their physical bodies and hold it there. It is co-mixed in the bellows with Lac Virginis from the Black Dragon’s Cave.


       With Lac Virginis wanting, the volatile pranic force dissipates through exhalation. Not all of it, for we need Prana to live. It is extra portions the wise gather and utilize through the process alchemists call Aeration, and the Yogis, Pranayama. Simply, these are breath control exercises. Stressed at the beginning of every spiritual discipline, breath control sets the stage for the works to follow. Those occult aspirants with voluminous book knowledge, who have not made the effort to control breath in the beginning stages, are steering a chariot without the horses. BREATH FIRST! Breath control and meditation charge the blood stream with the vital pranic force from the atmosphere and release vital energy from organs and glands within the body. In turn, Aurum Potabile stimulates glands and organs with subtle essences which help them to function optimally, and meta-physically. The physical body, altered, enables the consciousness within to perform acts of power appearing miraculous to the ordinary human. Yet the Great Ones so enhanced tell us the miracles accomplished are of no special effort or consequence for one who knows of the latent natural powers inherent within the human vehicle. They merely unlock those powers a step at a time, beginning with the art of breath control. Refer to AERATION, IDA, PINGALA, ROSE, LILY and RAYI.

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