T, Teth, ט


       Teth, ט, transcribed as 'T',' numeration 9, means 'Serpent.' The numeration of the whole letter-name טית is 419, and spelled out in plenitude, טית יוד תו, TITh YUD ThU, equals 845. Qabalists assign Teth to the Strength Tarot Key, and on the Tree of Life to the nineteenth path connecting Chesed (universal memory) to Geburah (universal will). The title given this path by Qabalists שכל סוד הפעולות הרוחניות, Saykel Sod ha-Pehulloth ha-Ruachnioth, 'Intelligence of the Secret of All Spiritual Acts,' refers to the Secret Fire of super-conscious energy, Kundalini, coiled within the sacral plexus region. The Hebrew letter Teth is even scribed as representing a coiled serpent ready to strike. Raising the power, through the Art of Alchemy or Kundalini Yoga, is the result of full conscious knowledge (based upon memory) of the universal will working through self-consciousness of the regenerated and perfected human personality. Full knowledge is brought out of universal memory through the subconscious Woman's Work, hence a female in the Tarot Key. An intimation of this being one of the subconscious powers is hinted in the Song of Songs (Cant. 5:1): “I am come into my garden, my sister, my bride.” Qabalists know Garden, Sister, and Bride as synonymous names for the modern term subconsciousness. Moreover, 'My Sister,' in the Masoretic Hebrew Text, is spelled אחתי, echothi, summing to 419, the value of letter-name, TITh.             


       To such a person the false sense of a separate, independent life does not exist. The Super-conscious Self works the power of pure Spirit through the physical vehicle. This is the secret of all true works of power. Before power can become fully manifest in works, however, realization that all existence is composed purely of spirit must be known at the cellular level in an alchemist's body. All is super-consciousness. Even what psychology distinguishes as self-, sub- and super- levels of consciousness, the three modes are contained within the one ALL. The color of the nineteenth path, one appearance of subconsciousness on the Tree, is brilliant yellow. It is the color also of the twelfth path allocated Beth and self-consciousness. Yellow, too, is the sixth path and central sphere, Tiphareth, assigned to the One-Ego, the super-consciousness of generic humanity. All three paths and modes are shaded the same one color for one, purely spiritual consciousness.


       The One-Substance comprises all in the non-physical and physical worlds. To know this consciously is to understand that what flows through the subconscious mind out into our personal world are but frozen fabrications of a universal substance from the One-Will over all. We eventually and automatically conform to Its Loving Will, and begin working Its purpose with no sense of separate, selfish ends as the yet unripe, human wills predispose. On the Cube of Space, Teth and the Strength Tarot Key are positioned at the edge North-Above, which connects the Magician, Above, with the Tower at North. For the 'Intelligence of the Secret of All Spiritual Acts' to surface from within, the self-conscious mind (Magician) must work to harness and sublimate the Mars reproductive force symbolized by the Tower. When Mercury is made of both the Mercury Center and the Mars Center, these balanced and blended forces act upon the Saturnine force at the base of the spine, raising Kundalini energy. The Woman, gently holding the Lion in check, facilitates this. Refer to LION.

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